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> Hello, I am a new user of linux, specially I use ubuntu 10.04. I think it is one of the
> best linux distributions, but i have a serious problem with the recongnition of my video
> chipset and the 3d.

> My board is an asus p4bp-mx with a microprocessor celeron D 2.13 Mghz and 1 GB of ram and
> the video card is an onboard intel i845G.
> The specific problem is that in this case ubuntu as well as any other linux distribution
> is using the driver i915 by default and that prevents me from using the 3d effects or any
> program or game that requeires that.
> Is there any way I can have the 3d effects working? , since in windows 7 the 3d works ok,
> what can i do to have them work on Ubuntu 10.04 32 bits.
> I am not an expert in this kind of matters so i hope you can help me with this.

I have multiple systems with i845G video. As I understand it, most FOSS Intel
driver manpower actually comes from Intel, which has chosen to limit effort
keeping older chipsets working as Xorg technology evolves, in large part due
to lack of working systems available with old chips to perform development work.

In contrast to Windows, for which drivers once written will continue to work,
drivers for Xorg need to be adapted to its evolutionary changes. Unless
people with older hardware step up with manpower to do the adaptation, people
using older chips will need to stick with older Xorg versions that had
working drivers for the old er chips. Released versions of the latest drivers
for i845G do work as they once did (2D only), just not with the evolutionary
bling (3D) that didn't exist when i845G was a contemporary design.

IOW, if you want modern bling, and cannot assist the Intel developers in
getting your old video chip to work, you need modern hardware. Many
motherboards with i845G onboard also came with an AGP video card slot to
enable bling for those who must have it. Even a PCI video card can suffice
for those who just have to have their bling. As for me, 2D is good enough.
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