xorg can't load qxl driver

Robert Thompson rob at robsfreespace.com
Wed Jun 9 03:52:55 PDT 2010

Have a look at http://docs.cslabs.clarkson.edu/wiki/SPICE, it took a bit 
of specificity with Google to find it but these guys look like they know 
what they are doing and their own text doesn't reveal their failure.

I will love to hear of your outrageously easy success but if the failure 
doesn't mention x-server or xorg or similar type of problem we should 
probably stop Cc'ing the list...

On 09/06/10 09:40, Brian Milliron wrote:
> Tell me about it!  Between that and the Spice Girls its nearly
> impossible to find any useful info at all.  I think there's a lesson in
> here somewhere about unique names...
>> It's difficult to find a reference to any ubuntu instructions for the
>> 'spice' you want due to all the noise about 'spice' the electronics
>> program. I don't know if Liang actually got it working or just believes
>> that the git update will help you along. I am trapped at work for
>> another 7 or so hours now, but I'll look closer later.

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