Can't remote log this Xorg.0.log in the rsyslog way.

Robert Thompson xorg at
Wed Jun 9 04:31:25 PDT 2010

Does my take on what I've been finding in the scripts under /etc/X11 and 
/usr/bin/x* /usr/bin/X11 seem right - syslogd/rsyslogd is cut out of the 
logging picture by those scripts writing to it's log file directly?

Is there an easy way for me to get it to use rsyslog? I don't want to 
have to resort to:

rob at some-system:~$ tail -f /var/log/Xorg.0.log | netcat 
log-listener.local 514 -q -u

Partly because it puts extra linefeeds after each message and partly 
because it seems wrong to me I can't put "Xorg.* @log-listener.local" in 
/etc/rsyslog.conf (or a file in /etc/ryslog.d/) to easily do this.

(If anyone was watching my earlier convo with Brian, I think I 
accidentally sent him an answer (that doesn't really relate to xorg 
anyway) a few minutes ago - meant to Cc list though, can't see it in my 

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