blocking gui process

John Tapsell johnflux at
Mon Jun 7 03:11:50 PDT 2010

On 7 June 2010 18:53, Alexandre Mazari <scaroo at> wrote:
>> what     |  web   |  guis
>> ---------------------------------------------------------------
>> style     |  css   |  program calls gui toolkit*
>> structure |  html  |  program calls gui toolkit**
>> behaviour |  js    |  program shows different parts when it
>>                  |  gets callbacks; calling gui toolkit
>> correctness| js    |  program has ifs in signal callbacks
>> backend   | server |  some tier separate from the gui code (hopefully)
> You might be interested in the SeedKit project [0] which provide a way to
> define the UI of an application in pure standard web technologies while
> accessing lower level systems (dbus services, GObject inyrospected
> libraries, native code).
> In a SeedKit view you can both bind DOM events to native code and native
> signals (in the GObject termology) to javascript handlers manipulating the
> DOM tree.

Why not just use Qt and QtWebkit if you want to do that?

Qt has javascript bindings, so you get dbus etc all for free.  You can
also implement parts in c++ for performance speed ups etc.

(For example, I do this in my own app - which is part of )


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