problem with starting with xinit

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Wed Sep 23 13:22:37 PDT 2009

Am 23.09.2009 17:59, schrieb Stephan Raue:
> Am 23.09.2009 11:37, schrieb Cooper Yuan:
>> No idea, application and X start up in 1 sec on my side.--
> depends xinit on any kernel option to start quickly and dont search for
> anything? or can i track what xinit do?
in xinit.c i have found follow code:

                 errno = 0;
                 if (! processTimeout(0, "")) {
                         serverpid = -1;
                  * kludge to avoid race with TCP, giving server time to
                  * set his socket options before we try to open it,
                  * either use the 15 second timeout, or await SIGUSR1.
                  * If your machine is substantially slower than 15 seconds,
                  * you can easily adjust this value.
                 alarm (15);

i think i have this problem, what can i do? the problem i have since i 
have upgraded to the new xorg-server and deps.
as in written, i 
must start Xorg with "exec X ..." in xserverrc but i do this...


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