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Wed Sep 23 00:07:52 PDT 2009

Hi all,

i have a problem to start Xorg with my other programs with xinit. before 
i have updated to the new xorg-server with needed libs, protos etc. 
xorg-server has startet with xinit in 1-2 seconds. now starting xorg 
needs about 15 seconds. this problem i have some weeks.

i use xinit-1.1.1

my xserverrc:


   . /etc/sysconfig

   args="-s 0 -br -allowMouseOpenFail "

   mkdir -p /var/cache/xkb
   exec /usr/bin/X :0.0 vt$TTY ${args} > /dev/null 2>&1

my xinitrc:


   . /etc/sysconfig

   for file in /etc/xinitrc.d/* ; do
     . ${file}

where ${file} starts my programs.

i start xinit with:  xinit $XINITRC -- $XSERVERRC > /dev/null 2>&1
when i am start

/usr/bin/X :0.0 vt01 -s 0 -br -allowMouseOpenFail & sleep 2 && 

the xorg starts in 1-2 seconds and my script 2 seconds later (because of 
the "sleep" that i need to let xorg-server starts)

what can i do to see what is wrong? can i start xorg without xinit and 
without a sleep, so my script starts directly when the xorg-server is up 
(i need a very very fast start - my goal is a <5sec. start from grub to 
my application)?

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