AllowDeactivateGrabs no longer works?

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at
Sat Sep 19 21:25:01 PDT 2009

>> After a recent xorg upgrade I've noticed that using Ctrl+Alt+* and
>> Ctrl+Alt+/ no longer kills active grabs after programs have grabbed
>> the keyboard and then crashed or locked up.
> I ssh in (as root) & use gdb
> gdb> attach (pid of X server)
> gdb> p inputInfo.keyboard->grab
> gdb> p (*inputInfo.keyboard->DeactivateGrab)(inputInfo.keyboard)

That's an interesting idea!  I'll have to try it out next time.  If it works
it might be worth putting it in a script and attaching it to an evdev hotkey
(so that the hotkey can't be blocked.)  That should reproduce the old
behaviour quite nicely...

So there are no plans to add this back in then?  I'm CC'ing Adam Jackson for
some background as he seems to be the one who removed the functionality:


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