Strange bug with intel driver with OpenGL and Qt QGraphicsView

Pierre pinaraf at
Fri Sep 18 19:15:54 PDT 2009


I'm currently developing a Qt application using QML (so it relies on 
QGraphicsView), a new Qt technology.
I was facing huge performance problems when I ran my program on the target 
computer, using an Intel i945 GPU (my development station has a nVidia Geforce). 
To fix that problem, I used the viewport property of QGraphicsView so that all 
the rendering is done using OpenGL.
With this change, I suddendly got more than acceptable performances, except two 
things (only happening with the intel driver, no problem with the nvidia driver) 
1) there is a huge memory leak when playing a video, over 1GB consumed in less 
than 30 seconds...
2) every item on the page is mirrored around its horizontal middle axis, making 
the screen unreadable : 
for an "example"...

I'm really surprised by the second bug, and I don't really understand how it can 
be happening...
This bug is reproductible using both debian stable (=> intel driver is 2.3.2, is 1.4.2 and mesa is 7.0.3 ; kernel 2.6.26) and debian unstable (=> intel 
driver is 2.8.1, is 1.6.3 and mesa is 7.5.1 ; kernel 2.6.30).

Can it really be a bug in the intel driver, or should I look in another place to 
find the issue ?

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