twitching image

Csillag Kristof csillag.kristof at
Sun Sep 13 18:27:08 PDT 2009

Alex Deucher wrote:
> This is likely display watermark or pll related. 
What is a display watermark?
> Please try xf86-video-ati from git master as that has proper watermark setup
> implemented and support for fractional feedback dividers.
I will do this tomorrow; just one question until then:

if this has anything to do with the driver,
then how is it possible that the frequency of the problem
can be influenced by changing the DVI cabling I use?

> If you are still having problems with master, please try:
> Option "DisplayPriority" "HIGH"
> in the device section of your config.
I have already tried that, and it did not help.


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