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Sun Sep 13 06:41:21 PDT 2009

>> I have 3 monitors (two side monitors being rotated 90 degrees), two
>> Nvidia GPUs... and so far the only way to get them functioning is
>> through xinerama. I'd like to get away from xinerama as it doesn't seem
>> to allow for 3D...
> It depends on what you need to do, but if you don't worry about Xinerama and
> just set the monitors up as separate X11 screens then you can have 3D
> acceleration across them all.
Yeah, I want my cake and eat it too. :) One bigdesktop, 2 GPUs, 3 
screens. At least that's the goal...
> The only downside with this is that you can't drag windows between screens
> (which is what Xinerama was created to solve.)
> The nVidia driver can combine multiple monitors into a single X11 screen
> though, so you could use that to get 3D acceleration across screens, but I
> suspect this is on a per-GPU basis.  Still, with two GPUs you could have two
> 3D accelerated X11 screens, with one screen being split across two monitors...
Twinview. works great, but not across multiple GPUs. In this particular 
case, I need to rotate one of the monitors, which I haven't figured how 
to rotate the left monitor and then twinview it to the center. It's a 
strange use case... I admit. It's also for a friend, so this is really 
all charity work too. :)
>> Is it possible to use xrandr in this configuration? If it is, can some
>> one point me in that direction? I've been all over google, and really...
>> am just more confused.
> I'm probably wrong, but I always thought xrandr was for adjusting screen
> resolution and settings, I didn't think it had anything to do with combining
> multiple screens into a single display.  Perhaps it has advanced since I first
> used it...
> Cheers,
> Adam.
Thanks for the reply. I've been going off this snippet, that I came 
across in a couple different forums:
"As of 2008, Xinerama is planned to be deprecate in the future by 
in favor of Xrandr.^ <> 
X.Org had convened a standards committee to document the protocol and 
API as formal standards, but that effort has now ended. Development of 
the Xinerama code is now hosted on and managed by X.Org."

That seems to imply that Xinerama functionality will be replaced by 
Xrandr - unless I'm reading that wrong. I couldn't find specifically how 
to do that with Xrandr though. I've got a couple more things I'm going 
to try... hopefully that will work.  In the end I think it'll be about 
settling with Xinerama or living with separate Xscreens.

thanks again...

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