AllowDeactivateGrabs no longer works?

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at
Sun Sep 13 03:55:06 PDT 2009

Hi all,

After a recent xorg upgrade I've noticed that using Ctrl+Alt+* and Ctrl+Alt+/
no longer kills active grabs after programs have grabbed the keyboard and then
crashed or locked up.

As this happens fairly often for me, my only alternative is to find another
PC, SSH in and randomly kill apps until my desktop comes back to life.  Or if
there's no other PC handy, hit the reset button on the front of my box :-(

I really miss these shortcut keys, and the only thing I can find (apart from a
lot of other people who miss them too) is a single commit where support was
taken out.

Why was this crucial feature removed?  I'm crossing my fingers it is just
temporary and there are plans to add it back in somewhere else, because this
feature is extremely important!

Many thanks,

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