random green pixels

Csillag Kristof csillag.kristof at united-consult.hu
Sat Sep 12 10:34:36 PDT 2009

Hi all,

I have one more problem with my display:
when viewing some pictures, at some
fixed positions if the images, bright green pixels
appear. These pixels are sometimes flickering
(bright green vs. regular color.)

The pixels move together with the image,
and if I resize the image (ctrl + in my firefox),
they move together with the position of the image.

What on Earth may cause this?

This is a Samsung 214T monitor, DVI connection,
integrated Radeon RS690M graphics chip.

Some monitor, same graphics chip, VGA connection: no problem
Same monitor, same DVI connection, nvidia card: no problem

The problem only appears with DVI connection, and only
with the ATI chip. (In short, it behaves the same as my
image twitching problem.)

Do you have any advice:

     Kristof Csillag


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