keyboard autorepeat gone

Klaus Dittrich kladit at
Fri Sep 11 06:49:35 PDT 2009

Today I compiled and installed the current state of development
(no cvs, all of

The few bugs I noticed so far ..

Nothing that has to do with lbx compiled, is "Low Bandwidth X" obsolete now?

xorg-server- + xf86-video-ati-6.12.4

mbuf.c:45:39: error: X11/extensions/multibufst.h: No such file or 
directory  (xextproto-7.1.1 was installed)
The last version of xextproto which included multibufst.h was 
I believe to remember some header files changed names, so this should be 
easy to fix.

Not using --enable-multibuffer helped as a start.

The X-server is up and running fine  but keyboard autorepeat does not 
work any more. (xf86-input-keyboard- ?)
Any hints ?

Hope this helped.


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