generic touchscreen calibration

Tias tias at
Thu Sep 10 13:29:44 PDT 2009


I needed a calibrator for my dynapro touchscreen. It turned out there 
are quite a few touchscreen calibration programs, but none are really 
You can find an overview of the calibration software I discovered on:

In the end, I had to hack up the ancient tkxinput because it was the 
only device independent calibrator (it uses Xinput to read the 
coordinates). On the other hand, I was impressed by the simplicity of 
the calibrator that Soren Hauberg sent to this list in july (thread 
titled 'Evdev touchscreen calibration?'), although it was written for 
usbtouchscreen driven devices specifically.

I figured that a generic calibration program should be device 
independent when reading calibration data, and device dependent in how 
to use the data.

I've adapted Soren's calibrator to do exactly this: it reads the current 
calibration from Xinput. When the usbtouchscreen driver is used, it 
dynamically changes the calibration. Otherwise it prints the new 
calibration data in xorg.conf format on stdout. Other actions would be 
possible too, like rewriting the xorg.conf directly, maybe even use some 
new evdev/Xinput2 goodness ?

You can find more information and the code at:

This is just a proposition towards a generic touchscreen calibration 
utility. Comments and remarks very welcome!


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