[ANNOUNCE] xorg-server

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Fri Sep 4 00:04:05 PDT 2009

Announcing the last and only snapshot for X Server 1.7 ("Depressed Dodo").  
Please test this snapshot thoroughly. Release candidates for 1.7 will follow
soon. As usual, bugs should be reported through the freedesktop.org
bugzilla.  https://bugs.freedesktop.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=xorg

This version builds against the latest released versions of proto/* and


A short and incomplete summary of some of the more visible and/or
interesting features:

== Default build uses shave ==
An easily visible change for is the default use of shave macros to improve
the SNR in the make output.
To disable shave, either pass --disable-shave to configure or run "make

== Revised input event handling ==
The server now uses its own internal event format for input events instead
of the protocol wire format. This allows for more information to be stored
during event processing without requiring ABI breaks.

== XI2/Multi-Pointer X ==
Support for multiple simultaneous cursors and keyboard foci and the matching
API to make use of it. Note that the XI2 API is intentionally kept 
small to discover the extent of APIs needed to support complex multi-user

== Mandatory XKB ==
The XKB code has seen a fair bit of cleanup and removal of code path
duplications. XKB cannot be disabled at compile-time anymore and the
presence of XKB data files is required at server startup.

== VGA arbitration support ==
VGA arbitration re-enables support for multiple graphics cards by
controlling which one of the multiple cards gets the VGA commands.
This also brings back support for multi-seat setups.

Requires libpciaccess and kernel 2.6.32.

== EXA mixed pixmaps support ==
This supports runtime migration of pixmaps between EXA (in-server) and the
driver. Pixmaps may be handled by the server and/or the driver now, as
opposed to previous versions that required the set of pixmaps to be
exclusively in the driver or in the server.

== Support for symbol visibility ==
The default option is to compile with hidden symbols. Functions not marked
as _X_EXPORT in the source will not be exported in the binary.  The
transision to hidden symbols is not complete yet, there are many
exported symbols that are currently exported but not part of the real ABI.

Full shortlog below. Many thanks to all contributors.

Aaron Plattner (7):
      Don't enable XAA offscreen pixmaps with Option "XaaOffscreenPixmaps" "no".
      Query the DDX in ProcRRGetScreenInfo.
      Export CompositeRegisterAlternateVisuals.
      Bug #22804: Reject out of bounds XGetImage requests
      Fix dist.
      Damage: Add wrappable hooks for damage create, destroy, register, & unregister.
      Damage: Add devPrivates to DamageRec

Aaron Zang (1):
      Add new VT support for OpenSolaris & future Solaris releases

Adam Jackson (134):
      randr: Don't send output property events on server exit
      Default to x86emu even on i386 linux
      randr: Add [GS]etOutputPrimary
      randr: Mangle compat Xinerama reply based on primary output
      randr: Mangle GetScreenResources sort order based on primary output
      randr: use primary output for RRFirstOutput()
      randr: clear primaryOutput when the output is deleted
      xsync: remove cast abuse.
      xsync: Use a local header for server API definitions
      xsync: ANSI cleanups
      xsync: Fix wakeup storm in idletime counter.
      xsync: build fix
      Fix syncsrv.h guard define
      config: Add vboxvideo and tga to the magic driver list
      dmx: Fix calloc macro confusion.
      xv: remove useless XVCALL macro
      XAA: Disable offscreen pixmaps by default.
      Move CreateUnclippedWinSize to mbuf
      Remove CreateUnclippedWinSize from window.h
      Don't include fontmod.h
      Remove xorgcfg 'Options' list.
      Remove a bunch of useless casts.
      Xephyr: Add some rudimentary Xnest command line compat
      XKB: Remove -kb and +kb from -help text and man page.
      loader: Simplify handle allocation and refcounting.
      loader: code motion.
      loader: Make a comment slightly less stupid
      loader: Simplify loader magic
      loader: Remove useless call to LoaderGetOS
      loader: Remove a vestige of archive support
      loader: Remove icache flushes on alpha.
      Bus: make the resource list static.
      Bus: Remove unused xf86ExtractTypeFromList
      Bus: Delete some obfuscatory macros
      Bus: Remove xf86SetAccessFuncs() and related machinery
      Revert "Bus: Remove xf86SetAccessFuncs() and related machinery"
      RANDR: Validate entire mode list for interlace and doublescan
      EDID: Hack for 1366x768 in standard timing descriptors
      Input: Don't re-block SIGIO in xf86SigioReadInput()
      Linux: Remove dead USE_DEV_FB #ifdefs
      PCI: Remove pciBusAddrToHostAddr and associated nonsense
      kdrive: Nuke dead AGP and VGA code. (#19921)
      RANDR: Fail softly on GetPanning if the screen can't do it.
      selinux: Don't bother relabeling resources that are being destroyed
      DDC: Redo extended device probe slightly.
      randr: Fix thinko in xf86TargetPreferred
      Unexport xf86SetPriority
      selinux: Add support for avc_acquire_netlink_fd()
      misprite: In SourceValidate, check that it's a Window first
      misprite: Fix cast abuse
      misprite: Fix a typo
      misprite: RECT_IN_REGION -> miRectIn
      misprite: Do window check first for Get{Image,Spans} too
      misprite: Fix software cursor on multiple ScreenRecs
      misprite: Remove private header, fold into misprite.c
      config: Fall back to vesa for Intel Poulsbo.
      selinux: Only activate if policy says to be an object manager
      APM: Use general handlers, not input handlers.
      Document which bits of ClientRec are currently unused
      dix: Simplify InitClient()
      APM: Don't carp if not available.
      input: Remove xf86ReloadInputDevs hack
      kdrive: s/KdSaveString/strdup/g
      DPMS: Code motion.
      DPMS: Fix cast abuse
      DPMS: Unexport all the various setup variables.
      DPMS: Simplify some macro silliness.
      DPMS: Align the default timeouts with the default screensaver timeout.
      DPMS: Remove unused DPMSGet()
      DPMS: Simplify command line parsing
      DPMS: Remove the defaultDPMS* variables
      os: Remove the useless -x option
      DPMS: Re-export the various DPMS variables.
      Revert accidental Makefile change from previous commit
      Remove some OS/2 leftovers.
      os: signal handlers return void.
      config: s/xf86configStrdup/strdup/
      config: Remove useless xf86conf{{m,c,re}alloc},free} macros
      xdmcp: Don't crash on X -query with more than 255 IP addresses. (#20675)
      randr: Accept gamma set requests from XF86VidMode clients too
      Update several of my and/or Red Hat's licenses to standard form.
      COPYING: SGI FreeB 1.1 -> SGI FreeB 2.0
      EDID: Be more cautious about finding vendor blocks.
      EDID: Add modes from Established Timings III descriptor to mode pool
      xfree86: Remove unused (and useless) xf86{Add,Delete}ModuleInfo
      xfree86: Remove loader symbol list ABI stubs
      vfb: Fix depth setup.
      doc: Remove mention of Kerberos replay cache from Xserver.1
      Remove some libXfont leftovers
      Typo fix
      s/MIN/min/, s/MAX/max/ (#2968)
      cvt: Allow multiple-of-60Hz refresh rates for reduced blanking.
      xephyr: Add -title option.
      kdrive: Remove a lie about PCMCIA support.
      kdrive: undef PSEUDO8
      vfb: Re-enable 30bpp support
      randr: fix typo in swapped dispatch
      EDID: Carp about 1.4 monitors with no preferred refresh rate
      pci: Dump vendor/devices ids in the printed device list
      EDID: Fix timing class names to match the spec
      config: drop i810.
      Since font modules are dead, don't mention them in xorg-server.pc
      dbe: Adapt to new headers
      ddc: Update a comment.
      ddc: Code motion to eliminate forward decls
      ddc: Yet more code motion
      ddc: Give DisplayID a place to hang its hat
      ddc: mv xf86DDC.c ddc.c
      ddc: Skeleton for xf86DoDisplayID()
      ddc: Don't try to publish a root window property for DisplayID
      ddc: Refactor root window property code
      ddc: s/xf86DDCMonitorSet/xf86EdidMonitorSet/
      displayid: Implement mode decoding.
      dbe: Fix indentation
      xfree86: Remove TargetRefresh option
      xfree86: Remove some #if 0
      xfree86: Fix some misleading comments
      randr: Un-duplicate the reduced blanking check.
      fbdevhw: simplify some #if 1
      fbdevhw: Remove a #if 0
      fbdevhw: Remove pointless OS check, this never gets built on non-Linux
      loader: Remove useless TestFree() macro
      loader: remove dead LoaderCheckUnresolved
      loader: Remove a useless check.
      xfree86: Remove xf86SetPriority
      randr: Add Option "Primary" to Monitor sections
      s/xf86EnableOutputs/xf86CollectEnabledOutputs/ for clarity
      linux: hand-roll a backtrace printer instead of using backtrace_symbols
      linux: Yet more malloc() avoidance for backtrace()
      xfree86: dump /proc/cmdline in the log on Linux
      composite: Move screen init before extension registration.
      EDID: Print 1152x864 in established timings, not x870
      EDID: Vendor detailed blocks aren't worth X_WARNING about
      randr: Fix crtcs using set_mode_major()

Adam Tkac (1):
      xfree86: don't try to UnInit virtual devices in DIDR. (#20087)

Alan Coopersmith (48):
      Remove hack to only load font modules if magic strings appear in font path
      Update See Also lists in Xorg & xorg.conf man pages
      Correct warning for unknown GlxVisuals option in conf file
      More man page updates for 1.6 release for Xorg, xorg.conf & exa man pages.
      Remove unused HandleSpecialKeys config option
      Remove unused config flags from FlagValues & FlagOptions
      Don't need to check uid/euid for every commandline argument
      Add atKeynames.h to libdmxinput_a_SOURCES so it's included in tarballs
      Update sample xorg.conf file
      Make sure _X_EXPORT is defined in edid.h
      Fix sdksyms.sh to work with Solaris/Sun compiler builds
      Fix linking of Xorg with dtrace probes on Solaris
      Remove powerpc load/store functions from export list on other platforms
      Remove unused CLOG_DATE (leftover from pre-git ChangeLog)
      Remove obsolete XF86_DATE & xf86Date.h
      Fix XKB default configure options to use the right variables
      Update xorg-server.h.in & Xnest to use new XKB default #defines
      x11-input.fdi: Add options needed to handle adding USB devices on Solaris
      Constify atom name strings
      Correct error message if specified config file is not found
      Check for and report errors writing xorg.conf.new from Xorg -configure
      Make RgbPath keyword in xorg.conf a non-fatal error
      Obsolete InputDevices keyword in xorg.conf Files section
      Add Extensions section to xorg.conf man page
      Remove #ifdef macII code left over from ancient A/UX 3.0 support
      Don't leak canonical module name and patterns if module is built-in
      Don't leak default font path when appending built-ins
      Lift fatal signal handlers from DDX'es up to a common DIX implementation
      Use RTLD_DI_SETSIGNAL to catch runtime dynamic loader errors and clean up
      Fix byte swapping of XF86VidMode{Get,Set}GammaRamp
      Add casts to generated entries in sdksyms.c to silence type mismatch warnings
      Add SIGIO/SIGPOLL support for Solaris
      Solaris: use <sys/agpgart.h> instead of stale copy in Xorg sources
      XkbSetNamedIndicator should ignore SD's without LED's
      Fix a couple off-by-one array boundary checks.
      Don't printf NULL pointers on HAL connection error
      Resync COPYING file with notices in code base as of xorg-server-1.6.1
      COPYING file updates for git master changes since 1.6 branch
      Correct some Sun license notices to Sun's standard X11 license format
      Clarify use of and need for mffs vs. ffs
      Xephyr & Xserver man page fixes
      Fix int10 module build after typo in commit 2638e9899
      Remove hardcoded gcc -Wall option from configure.ac
      Fix blddir != srcdir builds of solaris-*.il files
      Ansify function arguments in VTsw_noop.c
      Correct modifier map built when ProcSetModifierMapping is called
      Remove support for Solaris x86 releases older than Solaris 8
      Sun bug 6872917: Xorg not querying /dev/fb when no xorg.conf exists

Alan Hourihane (3):
      bump master to (now the 1.6 branch is created)
      glx: fix retval checks when failures occur for drawable creation.
      dri2: support glXWaitGL & glXWaitX by copying fake front to front and

Ander Conselvan de Oliveira (2):
      Honour Option "DPMS" "off" on xorg.conf
      xfree86: Remove device from inputInfo.devices if ActivateDevice failed.

Ben Gamari (1):
      Xi: Remove redundant and incorrect butmap range check

Ben Skeggs (2):
      exa: driver pixmaps enabled if either CreatePixmap or CreatePixmap2 present
      quirk: use first detailed timing as preferred for PEA prod 9003 (rh#492359)

Benjamin Close (7):
      Don't use gnu specific extensions to awk when builing symbols
      XNest: Fix the build caused by __XKBDEFRULES__ -> XKB_DFLT_RULES in 23862ede59a9ce11a06ec5151bde460fb836c603
      dix: Remove includes which are not actually used directly
      xext: Use proto header rather than the Xext include file, this prevents userspace being pulled in causing issues
      dix: Change AllocMaster into AllocDevicePair, allow creation of SDs too.
      input: propagate XTst events through virtual slave devices.
      xfree86: correctly define barriers for FreeBSD amd64

Benjamin Defnet (2):
      hw/xf86/modes: Set crtc mode/rotation/transform before calling set_mode_major
      randr: fix operation order so that rotation+transform works

Bernhard Rosenkraenzer (1):
      Xext: fix MultiBuffer compilation error with TryClientEvents. (#18835)

Chris Ball (2):
      Build fix for xf86EdidModes.c
      Build fix, remove export of pciBusAddrToHostAddr

Christian Beier (1):
      Xi: fix typo in WarpDevicePointer handling.

Colin Guthrie (1):
      Fix compilation with -Werror=format-security

Colin Harrison (34):
      xsync: Prototype fix.
      Xming, Cygwin/X: Fix crash in function winMultiWindowGetTransientFor() (#11147)
      Xming, Cygwin/X: Tidy up warnings, headers and unused variables (#11132)
      Xming,Cygwin/X: Fix crashes when using the DirectDraw '-refresh rate-in-Hz' option in -fullscreen (#11128)
      Xming: Fix a couple of warnings
      Xming: Correct the way display and screen number is reported in window titles and tooltips
      Xming: Correctly parent XA_WM_TRANSIENT_FOR windows in -multiwindow mode when a windows window is created.
      Xming: Only allow WM_MOUSEWHEEL messages to act on the client area of a focused window.
      Xming: Notify X when the keyboard focus is lost to a pure Windows window in -multiwindow mode.
      Xming: Add styles keyword and attributes.
      Xming: Ensure we dont try to print a null value when displaying xkb configuration
      Xming: Update .rc file to tidy About and Exit dialogs
      Xming: Add Colin Harrison to copyright and authors list for clipboard integration files
      Xming: Select events correctly in clipboard integration code
      Xming: Improve clipboard integration startup in XDMCP mode
      Xming: Fix prototype for winProcessXEventsTimeout() in clipboard integration code
      Xming: Fix a memory leak in clipboard integration code
      Xming: Check clipboard selection ownership after taking it
      Xming: Update keyboard layouts mapping table
      xkb: set bell_func in InitKeyboardDeviceStruct.
      Xming: Slightly adjust the formatting of the logged command line
      Xming: Prevent the mouse wheel from stalling when another window is minimized.
      Xming: Cache atom lookups in clipboard integration code
      Xming: Avoid log spam if a windows application won't provide CF_UNICODETEXT clipboard format
      Xming: Various tidy ups in winClipboardFlushXEvents()
      Xming: Fix some log spam
      Xming: Simplify logic for ownership release of native clipboard
      Xming: Apply window style hints in -multiwindow mode
      Cygwin/X: Update Get/SetWindowLong() to Get/SetWindowLongPtr() everywhere
      Cygwin/X: use GWLP_WNDPROC, GWLP_USERDATA with Get/SetWindowLongPtr
      Xming: Use GetClassLongPtr() instead of superseded GetClassLong()
      Xming: Use RegisterClassEx() instead of superseded RegisterClass()
      Xming: Add NET_WM_ICON to native icon conversion

Cooper Yuan (1):
      Fix typo in xf86PickCrtcs()

Dan Nicholson (6):
      dmx: Require newer libXi for XQueryInputVersion
      Don't reuse PKG_CHECK_MODULES identifiers
      Kill off --with-mesa-source completely
      Ignore generated dmx manpages
      xkb: Use cached XKB keymap when rules haven't changed
      xfree86: Link libselinux with Xorg system libraries

Daniel Stone (53):
      XKB: Also copy keyboard feedback when copying the keymap
      XFree86: Fix build with DGA disabled
      XFree86: fbdevhw: Add helper function to get fd
      XFree86: Xv: Add ClipNotify helper
      RandR: Only export Xinerama symbols when building Xinerama support
      XKB: Allow build-time configuration of XKB defaults
      XKB: Move XkbCopyKeymap definition to xkbsrv.h
      XkbCopyKeymap: inputInfo.keyboard is not a special case
      XKB: Only Xi events are processed
      XKB: Remove unnecessary prototype
      XFree86: Input: Fail NIDR if we can't enable devices
      XKB: Trying to copy to the same keymap is not fatal
      XKB: Be more verbose about XkbCopyKeymap failure in debug mode
      XKB: Add XkbRMLVOSet
      XKB: Remove lock actions disabling
      Xephyr: Disable state inheritance hack
      XKB: Make XKB mandatory
      Input: Overhaul keyboard initialisation process
      Input: Remove state from KeyClassRec
      Input: Ignore modifiers in core input processing
      Input: Remove modifierKeyMap
      Input: Remove modifierMap from core
      XKB: Remove unsupported Xi operation flags
      XKB: Remove 'extra' functionality from rules parsing
      XKB: Remove support for setting combined keymaps
      XKB: Remove descriptions from maprules
      XKB: Explicitly decode action data
      XKB: Add a hell of a lot more FIXMEs
      XKB: Sanitise vmods in actions
      XKB: Sanitise pointer actions
      XKB: Sanitise ctrls action
      XKB: Sanitise vmods for redirected keys
      XKB: Simplify keymap writing a bit
      Xi: Introduce XIShouldNotify
      Input: Clean up keymap change notifications
      Input: Centralise pointer map changing
      Input: Remove core keysyms from KeyClassRec
      XKB: Remove unused DDX functions
      Input: Remove unused CoreProcess{Keyboard,Pointer}Event
      XKB: Remove unused XkbProcessOtherEvent
      XKB: Fix logic error
      Input: Don't allow DDX to generate repeat events
      Input: Add postdown to ButtonClassRec
      Input: Use previous state in valuator events
      Input: Clarify valuator FatalError messages
      KDrive: Warning fixes and cleanups
      OS: Fix compile warnings
      KDrive: Xephyr: DRI: Warning fixes
      KDrive: Warning fixes
      Xi: Fix harmless ButtonPress/ButtonRelease confusion
      Input: Mark Xi input events as critical
      dix: improve code flow in TryClientEvents, better debugging messages.
      input: allow for detectable autorepeat.

Dave Airlie (23):
      randr12: looking up these bits if randr isn't initialised is bad.
      exa: avoid offscreen pixmap swapped out flag for driver pixmaps
      exa: add CreatePixmap2 hook for driver pixmaps.
      exa: missed exa.h change
      exa: add missing exa.h header include
      crtc/gamma: check xf86_config is valid before using it.
      input: move inputstr.h to where its needed.
      glx: fix open-coded linked list removal function
      xfree86: move didLock assignment down to where the function pointer is valid.
      fbdev: make entity fail if PCI claimed already.
      GLX: note the implicit flushes with ReadPixels in indirect contexts.
      GLX: make function static.
      dix/resource: fix use after free in resource code with DRI
      pci: add support for pci is boot vga call.
      xserver: remove RAC/resource handling code.
      sbus: fixup for rac removal
      ddx: fix xf86Config.a generation
      parser: make libxf86config_internal.la not installed.
      exa: fix CreatePixmap2 to be useful for tiling.
      exa: clarify createpixmap2 new pitch return
      xf86 ddx: add vga arbiter support.
      vgaarb: if arb init fails, make sure locking doesn't occur.
      vgaarb: protect fini as well just in case

David Jander (2):
      kdrive: Fix segfault in tslib support
      [kdrive] Fix rotation of pointer

David Marx (1):
      Solaris: Make sure non-inline versions of asm routines end with ret statements

David Miller (1):
      mi: ignore DGA events in ChangeDeviceID

David Nusinow (1):
      xorg.conf (5) refer to mousedrv (4). Debian #394058

Eamon Walsh (36):
      Add xace headers to the SDK when enabled and export the XaceHooks symbol
      xace: Export wrappers around two Xtrans functions used by modules.
      xselinux: Use xace Xtrans wrappers instead of the now-inaccessible wrapees.
      Fix 2 const warnings.
      Correct access mode in call to dixLookupWindow() within RRSelectInput.
      xselinux: Don't require incoming context strings to be null-terminated.
      config: fix crash caused by strdup(NULL)
      xselinux: Don't BadAlloc in List* requests if there are no items to list.
      security: Revert behavior of extension access for compatibility.
      security: Fix a crash caused by wrong ordering of format arguments.
      security: Grant untrusted windows remove access on all windows.
      kdrive: fix Xvfb build with separate libmain.
      Fix most remaining deprecated resource lookups.
      xselinux: Relax ownership restriction on SetSelectionUseContext.
      xace: Fix a bad device access hook call.
      dix/events.c: Use wClient where appropriate.
      glx: Register names for the GLX resource types.
      xace: fix a bad send access hook call.
      xselinux: Move the security class mapping to the header file.
      xselinux: Add new device permissions for XI2.
      Xi: fix 2 memory leaks.
      Xi: fix up access modes for calls to dixLookupDevice().
      Xi: check for Use permission on the device in SetClientPointer().
      Xi: check for GetAttr permission when listing or querying devices.
      dix: add a new DixAccess bit, "DixPostAccess".
      xselinux: ignore property hook calls with the new Post access mode bit set.
      xace: add a new hook for checking property content after it has been set.
      dix/property.c: use memcpy where appropriate.
      xselinux: Add more new device permissions for XI2.
      xselinux: Allow per-client device create contexts.
      Add XI2 requests to protocol.txt
      xace: fix access mode in dixLookupWindow call within ProcUngrabKey.
      xace: fix access mode in dixLookupWindow within several RandR calls.
      Add DRI2 requests to protocol.txt
      xace: fix up access modes in dixLookupDrawable calls from dri2.
      Correct outdated e-mail address in "Author" statements.

Eric Anholt (14):
      Fix GLX after 180bad84774493d48f2793a6281d825560944863.
      Warning fix (GL likes to call strings GLubyte * instead of char *).
      Warning fix: Remove dead glXDisp{,Swap}_DrawArraysEXT definitions.
      Move the apple fat binary hacks back to a header file, and make it apple-only.
      randr: Avoid re-querying the configuration on everything but GetScreenResources.
      modes: Protect xf86_crtc_supports_gamma() from non-RandR 1.2 drivers.
      glx: Don't match fbconfigs to visuals with mismatched channel masks.
      glx: Replace broken GLX visual setup with a fixed "all" mode.
      xinerama: Put the proto version in the code instead using proto headers.
      Move contributed m4 to a subdir so we can more easily update contributions.
      Move VENDOR_* defines from AC_SUBST to a header to avoid angering shave.
      Add shave so that we can see the steaming piles of warnings generated.
      Fix unused var warning from pci cleanups.
      dri2: Enable GLX_SGI_make_current_read when the DRI driver supports it.

Eric Paris (1):
      This patch changes all places in the X code to use _raw functions.  The

Federico Mena Quintero (2):
      randr: bug #21554 - re-probe outputs when coming back from laptop unsuspend
      dix/randr: Add missing fields to SRR*NotifyEvent()

Felix Kuehling (1):
      Export symbols needed by the RandR implementation in fglrx

Francis Giraldeau (1):
      Don't log audit messages when -audit 0 specified

Fredrik Höglund (2):
      Render: Add support for the PDF blend mode operators.
      Require renderproto >= 0.11 and pixman-1 >= 0.15.14 for the new blend modes.

Gaetan Nadon (1):
      dix: xserver "make dist" fails due to eventconvert.h (#27825)

George Staplin (12):
      XQuartz: GL: Make various changes to makeFormat, so that it works better.  Now glxgears looks normal with the old libGL.
      XQuartz: GL: Make many more fbconfigs and visuals available for the 1.5 branch.
      XQuartz: GL: Set the __GLXconfig renderType to GLX_RGBA_BIT.
      XQuartz: GL: Make indirect.c build and work in the 1.6 branch.
      XQuartz: xpr: Cleanup some of the code and possibly fix part of the GLX Pixmap problem.
      XQuartz: GL: indirect.c changes to fix the build with newer OpenGL frameworks.
      XQuartz: xpr: The dri.c code for pixmaps was wrong in several ways.  They weren't
      XQuartz: Add support for GLXPixmaps to the AppleDRI.
      XQuartz: Add driWrap.h that I missed in the last commit.
      XQuartz: Fix the new ProcAppleDRIDestroyPixmap code REQUEST_SIZE_MATCH.
      XQuartz: GL: Fix a bug with an uninitialized GLX data structure.
      XQuartz: GL: Change from xalloc to xcalloc to potentially avoid

Havoc Pennington (1):
      Set bg pixmap of composite overlay window to None (#20912)

Ian Romanick (15):
      GLX: Changes resulting from changes to Mesa generator scripts / data
      Enable pbuffers
      glx: Add comments around some extension string weirdness
      glx: Inialize best_score before calculating visual scores
      Allow GLX sources to build against Mesa 7.4 sources
      Use a #define instead of a magic number
      DRI2: Add fake front-buffer to request list for windows
      DRI2: Do not send the real front buffer of a window to the client
      DRI2: Synchronize the contents of the real and fake front-buffers
      DRI2: Don't leave empty entries in private->buffers
      DRI2: Add missing front-buffer flush callback.
      DRI2: Send the version the code actually supports
      DRI2: Add interface for drivers to query DRI2 extension version
      DRI2: Implement protocol for DRI2GetBuffersWithFormat
      DRI2: Force allocation of real-front buffer for non-windows as well

Jason Vas Dias (1):
      Fix build with --enable-debug.

Jay Cotton (1):
      Sun bug 6618220: Xorg server core dump in xf86RandRModeRefresh(NULL)

Jeremy Huddleston (146):
      XQuartz: Fix an uninitialized keyboard_type on Tiger
      XQuartz: Fix Czech keyboard dead-acute
      XQuartz: Fix dead-acute on Greek keyboards
      XQuarz: Setup our PATH and PWD earlier, so our initial client benefits from it as well...
      XQuartz: Avoid some warning messages being spewed to system.log by AppKit
      XQuartz: Added option to enable/disable test extensions
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Simplify linking
      Removed unised option from configure.ac for launchd
      XQuartz: Corrected name/command labels in the customization widget
      XQuartz: darwinPointer reports the actual pixel position now rather than a relative position
      XQuartz: Removed some debug spew
      XQuartz: unsetenv(DISPLAY) if we're not org.x.X11
      XQuartz: unset DISPLAY if we didn't get a launchd socket handoff
      XQuartz: Avoid using login /bin/sh blech.  Just use a bash script to start the app, so it will inherit the right environment
      XQuartz: Make debugging output for invalid depths a bit more detailed
      XQuartz: fixed make dist
      XQuartz: Fix path to executable
      mi: Reuse memory in mieqProcessInputEvents rather than making excessive calls to calloc()
      XQuartz: Tiger fix, don't call Xplugin code in the Appkit thread if Xplugin isn't threadsafe.
      XQuartz: Updated menu item ordering for better HIG compliance
      XQuartz: Name the startup shell script X11 for better compatability
      rootless: Make expose_1 static
      XQuartz: Get rid of white rectangle bug
      XQuartz: Changed X11.sh to allow use of a ~/.x11run as requested by users of alternate shells
      XQuartz: update quoting in case X11.app is moved to a directory with a space.
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Release display notification lock when not needed to avoid deadlock
      XQuartz: Run applications via '/bin/sh -c ...' to support users who expect shell parsing
      XQuartz: Update our "screens" when we toggle rootless rather than when we toggle fullscreen
      XQuartz: Don't use keycode 0 to determine !swallow since our most common key to swallow is actual keycode 0 (a)
      XQuartz: Use depth=24 instead of FatalError if we can't figure out our depth
      Updated .gitignore
      XQuartz: Re-enable rlAccel
      XQuartz: Reposition windows when we enter fullscreen to ensure our root window
      XQuartz: Try harder to get the user's login environment
      XQuartz: pbproxy: We explicitly need libX11 for pbproxy
      XQuartz: Updated man page fullscreen_hotkeys fullscreen_menu
      XQuartz: Workaround OSX VNC server bug for modifier key state
      XQuartz: Better avoid stuck keys on context switches
      XQuartz: Honor system key repeat rate
      XQuartz: Make sure to reset the saved key state when deactivating X11.app
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Push dpy init and CFRunLoop hook setup into the pbproxy thread to avoid possible deadlock
      XQuartz: Copyright Update... happy new year
      XQuartz: Use AvailabilityMacros.h instead of availability.h for Tiger
      XQuartz: Fat binary buildfixes
      XQuartz: Update padding in appledristr.  This shouldn't change how the struct ends up in memory, but should make it more obvious for human eyes
      XQuartz: Bundle version 2.4.0
      Apple: Don't use DRI2
      XQuartz: misc 1.6 updates (still --disable-glx)
      XQuartz: Add locking to make mieq thread safe on OSX
      XQuartz: Comment explaining the 0x10 flag for [e data2]
      XQuartz: Only call DarwinUpdateModKeys when needed
      mieq: Avoid possible race condition whereby one thread might call mieqEnqueue before InitAndStartDevices finishes
      XQuartz: Don't need explicit Activate/EnableDevice in InitInput
      XQuartz: Fix builddir != srcdir issues and undef _XSERVER64 where appropriate on fat binary compilation
      XQuartz: mieq: Wait for the server to finish initializing before letting other threads mieqEnqueue
      XQuartz: SnowLeopard: Help system book name changed in 10.6
      XQuartz: GLX: OpenGL.framework on Tiger doesn't have glBlitFramebufferEXT
      XQuartz: GLX: Fix accidental exclusion of glBlitFramebufferEXT on Leopard
      XQuartz: Accept bundle version 2.1.6 to work with our startup method
      XQuartz: Fix copyright info in Info.plist to be prettier when viewed in Finder
      XQuartz: Don't need GlxSetVisualConfig any more
      configure.ac: Support version strings like W.X.Y.Z-XXXXXX
      XQuartz: quartzKeyboard compile fixes for recent XKB Changes
      XQuartz: DefineInitialRootWindow is gone
      XQuartz: Comment out the background pointer interaction that seems to be causing CPU spinning on some configurations
      XQuartz: Re-enable support for capslock
      XQuartz: Don't erase the mode_switch+keysym if it's the same as shift+keysym
      XQuartz: Implement SendPSN for AppleWM
      XQuartz: Fix mouse tracking for quake, et. al. in wine
      XQuartz: Don't report mouse events while X11 is not the foreground application
      XQuartz: Pad xAppleDRINotifyEvent to 32bytes to match sizeof(xEvent)
      XQuartz: Return BadRequest when SendPSN isn't implemented rather than success
      XQuartz: Still send mouse events while X11 is in the background if we have test extensions enabled
      XQuartz: Send a MotionNotify event for the mouse cursor when activating X11.app
      XQuartz: Use updated Xplugin API to send overide-redirect windows to the current space when they're ordered in
      XQuartz: Revert most of the previous override redirect patch
      XQuartz: Send MotionNotify before button presses when X11 is in the background
      XQuartz: In rooted mode, make sure we start in the hidden state.
      XQuartz: Properly set the menu bar and hotkey state when changing rootless mode.
      XQuartz: Properly set the window level for the root window
      XQuartz: Fix window levels for rooted mode to allow showing the menu bar.
      XQuartz: Update window levels when changing rootless state
      XQuartz: xprSetWindowLevel updated to store the level requested by the WM
      XQuartz: Re-enable Fn as an option for 3button mouse simulation.
      XQuartz: Make sure the Fn doesn't trigger unneccessary calls to DarwinUpdateModKeys()
      XQuartz: Only set MotionNotify on activation if it is updated.
      XQuartz: Re-enable background window checking
      XQuartz: Solve the tablet 100% CPU bug
      XQuartz: Use correct values for ProximityIn and ProximityOut
      XQuartz: Make sure the bgMouseLocationUpdated state is consistent
      XQuartz: Localization update
      XQuartz: pbproxy standalone: added missing variable declarations.
      XQuartz: More localization updates
      XQuartz: English localization update for HIG compliance
      Rootless: Use miPaintWindow since PaintWindowBackground is dead
      XQuartz: Fix alpha to be 1 (screenshots bug, etc)
      GLX: Purge some glxint.h usage in glxcmds.c
      GLX: Purge glxint.h usage
      Rootless: Despite its name, we still want to allow rootless to mess with the root window
      XQuartz: Default to forcing the dialog box before quitting.
      Rootless: Use serverClient instead of NullClient
      XQuartz: AIGLX dispatch table cleanup
      GLX: Make sure the types match for ALIAS in indirect_reqsize.c
      XQuartz: More localization updates
      XQuartz: More localization updates
      XQuartz: 64bit fix for screen origin in AppleWM
      XQuartz: Don't leave zombied processes at startup
      XQuartz: ProcAppleWMAttachTransient to play nice with the new Dock in SL
      XQuartz: Cleanup keymap locking, fix a possible synchro bug
      XQuartz: Allow more than 3 OSX displays
      XQuartz: Cleanup getGlCapabilities to avoid hardcoding the number of displays
      XQuartz: Localization updates
      XQuartz: Initial support for automatic updates through Sparkle
      XQuartz: Added a "Check for X11 Updates..." menu item.
      XQuartz: Set can_quit to true during a Sparkle-initiated relaunch.
      XQuartz: Change handling of Windows menu to workaround a bug triggered by mixing Sparkle and X11 windows
      XQuartz: Rever the "Set can_quit to true during a Sparkle-initiated relaunch." change
      XQuartz: Copy the keyboard map to the core keyboard
      XQuartz: Use the master device in DarwinSendDDXEvent to avoid duplicate events.
      XQuartz: xpr: Added missing include for RootlessHideAllWindows
      XQuartz: Bump the reported version to X11R7.4
      mieq: Protect from pDev=NULL in mieqEnqueue and mieqProcessInputEvents
      XQuartz: Use pDev=NULL for DarwinSendDDXEvent
      Revert "XQuartz: Copy the keyboard map to the core keyboard"
      XQuartz: Use CopyKeyClass to copy the keymap to the virtual core keyboard.
      XQuartz: Overhaul setting up visuals
      XQuartz: Avoid namespace collission for BOOL in Sparkle
      XQuartz: Avoid a possible spinlock in applicationWillTerminate
      XQuartz: Define DDXRingBell
      XQuartz: no DirectColor
      XQuartz: Cleanup the bitmask setting for GLX visuals.
      XQuartz: Dead code removal for StaticColor visual
      XQuartz: Unify how we set our bitmasks for visuals
      XQuartz: Purge redundant QuartzBell
      XQuartz: Don't use location delta for tablets since NSEvent does not give a precise delta.
      XQuartz: Use mouseLocation rather than locationInWindow when setting lastpt
      XQuartz: Only save lastpt on mouse/tablet events
      XQuartz: AIGLX: Provide empty __glXAquaDrawableResize to avoid crashing in DoMakeCurrent
      CheckWindowOptionalNeed: Ensure w->optional is set to avoid SEGFAULT
      XQuartz: Use applewmproto 1.4 updated headers.
      XQuartz: Check NSINTEGER_DEFINED to make sure the NSInteger and NSUInteger types are defined.
      XQuartz: GL: Explicitly set GL_EXT symbols to 0 if they are not in OpenGL.framework to prevent X11's glext.h from setting them to 1.
      XQuartz: GL: Unset GL_EXT_gpu_program_parameters for Tiger/ppc
      XQuartz: GLX: Drawable does not contain resize anymore.
      Xext: Require newer versions of xcmiscproto, bigreqsproto, and xf86bigfontproto for new *proto.h header file names

Jerome Glisse (2):
      DRI2: update DRI2 private drawable width & height according to X drawable
      Xext: fix a typo for bigreqsproto.h header file

Jesse Adkins (1):
      xserver doesn't stop all connections to localhost

Jesse Barnes (2):
      Don't prepare outputs & crtcs if set_mode_major is present
      xfree86/linux: don't change VT perms unless we're running as root

Jim Huang (1):
      kdrive: Move a close() to the right place so we don't close(-1) normally.

Joe Krahn (4):
      Cygwin/X: Fix for mis-aligned icon data creates bad background masks (#4491)
      Cygwin/X: Consolidate dialog initialization in winInitDialog()
      Cygwin/X: Update icons directly, rather than modifying the window's class
      Cygwin/X: Change to a single native window class for all X windows

Joel Bosveld (1):
      Correct fcntl(F_SETOWN) error check in non-Solaris sigio code

John Hein (1):
      Actually require bigfontproto when it's enabled.  Bug #13710.

Jon TURNEY (40):
      Cygwin/X: Update the native icon to one based on the X.Org logo
      Cygwin/X: build machinery fixes
      Cygwin/X: update for MPX cursor API changes
      Cygwin/X: update for MPX device changes
      Cygwin/X: update for changes in mieq API
      Cygwin/X: enqueue a pointer motion event on mouse movement
      Cygwin/X: update for changes to shadow framebuffer
      Cygwin/X: update to use standard DPMS stubs
      Cygwin/X: Initialize native HWND atom when built !XWIN_MULTIWINDOWEXTWM
      Cygwin/X: Fix some remaining build issues
      Cygwin/X: Add -static back to linker flags
      Cygwin/X: Add *.exe pattern to .gitignore
      Cygwin/X: Tidy up an unused #define
      GLX: Avoid a crash when we have an uninitialized GL context
      Cygwin/X: should also use GetTickCount(), just like Xming
      Cygwin/X: Fix compilation for mandatory XKB
      Cygwin/X: Fix -Wold-style-definition warnings
      Cygwin/X: Fix several prototypes to return HICON
      cygwin/X: Remove an unused variable to fix a warning
      Cygwin/X: Place prototypes for winCheckKeyPressed() and winFixShiftKeys() in a header file
      Cygwin/X: Place prototype for winSelectIcons() in a header file
      Cygwin/X: Fix keyboard layout mapping for Latin American keyboards
      Remove long-gone '-co' option from Xserver man page
      Remove references to rgb.txt from files section of Xserver and Xorg man pages
      Cygwin/X: link with libmain.a to provide main()
      Cygwin/X: Correctly allow for the native window frame width in ValidateSizing()
      Cygwin/X: Remove unused TimeSinceLastInputEvent()
      Cygwin/X: Tidy up a bodge to avoid collision between X header and native Win32 API definitions of ATOM
      Cygwin/X: Remove obsolete ChangeLog files
      Cygwin/X: Add a needed inputstr.h
      Cygwin/X: Fix permuted args to InitPointerDeviceStruct()
      Cygwin/X: Remove an obsolete mention of xf86Config
      Cygwin/X: more warnings fixes
      Cygwin/X: Improve mouse tracking for moving/resizing undecorated windows
      Cygwin/X: Allow pointer warping to work in rootless modes
      Cygwin/X: Avoid a visual glitch on window move in rootless modes
      Cygwin/X: Fix multiwindow extwm mode to build again
      Cygwin/X: Window positioning improvements for multiwindow mode
      Cygwin/X: winInitMultiWindowClass() should be static
      Cygwin/X: Only try to build rootless extension if multiwindow extwm mode is being built

Julien Cristau (36):
      Add missing include
      Typo fix
      randr: add swapped dispatch for RR[GS]etCrtcTransform
      Move RELEASE_DATE closer to AC_INIT so it's more likely to be updated
      xfree86/linux: fix log flood on acpid open error
      Xext: ANSI cleanups
      xsync: make SyncAlarmCounterDestroyed static
      Xi: fix missing declaration of XkbSetRulesDflts
      config: ANSI cleanups
      dix: ANSI cleanups
      dix: fix cast from pointer to integer
      dix: don't mix declarations and code
      Xvfb: ANSI cleanups
      xfree86: ANSI cleanups
      xfree86: don't mix declarations and code
      xfree86: use %zu to format size_t arguments
      xfree86: linuxPci.c needs a prototype for xf86AccResFromOS
      xnest: ANSI cleanups
      xnest: only define ddxBeforeReset if needed
      mi: ANSI cleanups
      mi: don't mix declarations and code
      xkb: ANSI cleanup
      randr: RRSetPrimaryOutput can be static
      os: ANSI cleanups
      os: backtrace() returns int, not size_t
      os: don't mix declarations and code
      require randrproto
      xfree86: ModeDebug is a boolean, not a string
      xfree86: Remove unused DEFAULT_UNRESOLVED and DEFAULT_BEST_REFRESH macros
      Add RandR 1.3 requests to protocol.txt
      Add XI 1.5 event and requests to protocol.txt
      Bug#21324: Add quirk for Iiyama Vision Master 450
      xfree86: Add two __FreeBSD_kernel__ checks
      xfree86: add edid quirk for Samsung Syncmaster 2333HD
      randr: fix server crash in RRGetScreenInfo
      configure.ac: drop dependency on fontenc

Keith Packard (26):
      Add server support for RRGetScreenResourcesCurrent
      Clean up rotation data when crtc is turned off
      When disabling SIGIO tracking, use SIG_IGN instead of SIG_DFL.
      Use scrn->virtualX/virtualY in xf86CrtcFitsScreen. Fix bug 19017.
      Patch brown-bag fix for bug 19017 (scrn->virtualX/virtualY 0 before PreInit)
      Make cvt complain about invalid arguments more often.
      Ignore EDID-supplied monitor physical sizes for core screen size
      Make crtc_notify wrap/unwrap code do nothing unless mode code is inuse
      Make RandR CRTC info report panning area instead of just crtc area
      RandR SetOutputPrimary should work with or without a crtc connected
      RandR crtcs not fetched correctly when primary output is set.
      Handle matrix computation overflow in RRTransformCompute
      Damage re-used shadow scanout buffer using new transforms.
      Handle the combination of panning and crtc transforms
      Add XkbDir to Files config file section
      Eliminate the shadow clear on transform change
      RandR rotations and reflections offset by one pixel
      Pre-clip panning coordinates to keep crtc within panning region
      Oops. 62fc98c had crtc offsets applied backwards (fix from server-1.6-branch)
      Replace dixLookupResource by dixLookupResourceBy{Type,Class}
      Make RANDR 'set' timestamps follow client specified time. Bug 21987.
      dri2: Preserve compatibility with 1.6 DRI2 API/ABI
      Remove old DRI2 buffer alloc/free interfaces
      xf86_reload_cursors: fix cursor position to eliminate jumping after mode set
      Perform rotation redisplay before calling driver block handler (which may flush rendering)
      Ensure that rotation updates happen frequently

Kim Woelders (1):
      dix: Fix handling of do_not_propagate_mask window attribute.

Kristian Høgsberg (12):
      Avoid dereferencing NULL pScreen in xf86CrtcSetModeTransform().
      Drop unused DRI2 vblank infrastructure.
      Bump dri2proto requirement to 1.99.3.
      Test for DRI2 extension in dri_internal.h and only enable AIGLX DRI2 if found.
      Support setTexBuffer2 in AIGLX.
      Make GLX context lookup use dixLookupResourceByType()
      Don't stomp on dixLookupDrawable() return value in DoCreateGLXPixmap().
      Add validGlxDrawable() and use dixLookupResourceByType().
      Convert remaining GLX LookupIDByType() calls
      glx: Fix drawable private leak on destroy
      xfixes: Fix a couple of resource lookups
      composite: Fix resource lookups

Lee Leahu (1):
      seg fault when initializing DMX screens

Maarten Maathuis (62):
      randr: Avoid needlessly creating a shadow framebuffer.
      randr: Improve per-crtc gamma support.
      randr: some improvements, fixes and crtc abi bump
      Forgot to fix a comment.
      randr: check for malloc failure
      randr: add some notes about the stuff that changed in driver ABI 2
      randr: Consider panned crtc's when calculating xinerama screen sizes.
      randr/xfree86: Fix a one off error in the panning calculations.
      exa: a few cleanups
      exa: A more correct fix.
      xfree86/randr: Avoid a crash when xf86CrtcConfigPrivateIndex is -1.
      randr/xfree86: Fix initial gamma computation.
      exa: preparing as source and finishing access as mask is a bad idea
      exa: Allow drivers to set non-NULL devPrivate.ptr for !offscreen pixmaps.
      XKB: ifdef XKB is dead, yet it was still present in a few places.
      exa: Remove one of the many calls directly into the fb layer.
      exa: kill of exaImageGlyphBlt
      exa: add GC private
      exa: properly wrap GC functions
      exa: use proper wrapping in exa.c
      exa: wrap the remainder of exa_unaccel.c
      exa: create ExaCheckGetImage
      fb: move some code to mi
      exa: don't use fbCopyNtoN
      exa: Calling exaMarkSync after UTS is the drivers responsibility.
      mi: clip exposures to pGC->clientClip.
      mi: kill a few warnings
      exa: All fallbacks should have a GC, remove some code.
      exa: fix exaValidateGC.
      dix: always NULL pGC->tile.pixmap in Create{Scratch}GC.
      fb: add fbDoCopy and fbCopyRegion compatibility wrappers.
      exa: fix performance regression from 736b6fbd2c941b6276066cd1503523edebe7bf3d
      exa: reintroduce src rect optimisation, with a slightly higher threshold.
      exa: the extent of the valid region is probably much larger than that of the pending damage.
      exa: exaPixmapDirty should use official damage functions.
      Revert "exa: the extent of the valid region is probably much larger than that of the pending damage."
      exa: minor glyphs cleanup.
      exa: fixup exaAssertNotDirty.
      exa: whitespace
      exa: fixup aux indices and ensure that the indices are used as they should be.
      exa: simplify exaPixmapIsOffscreen
      exa: avoid a potential Prepare/FinishAccess inbalance.
      exa: increase/rework safety checks in Prepare/FinishAccess.
      exa: fix unwrapping of ModifyPixmapHeader upon CloseScreen.
      exa: remove a few pExaPixmap checks.
      exa: fix a serious issue in exaChangeWindowAttributes (and some more related things)
      exa: allow exaModifyPixmapHeader to set sys_ptr for EXA_HANDLES_PIXMAPS
      exa: check if the pixmap is pinned for unsupported AUX indices.
      exa: round of fb_pitch to the next byte
      exa: Accept scratch pixmaps with offscreen memory as such.
      xkb: plug a memory leak in XkbCopySrvLedInfo (#20756)
      exa: implement UTS based upload through CopyArea
      exa: Split out some classic and driver allocated pixmap code into seperate files
      exa: A simple 3rd backend implementation.
      exa: Use damage to optimise away useless copies.
      exa: implement exaMoveInPixmap for "mixed"
      exa: delay malloc for "mixed"
      exa: fix a potential loophole in "mixed"
      exa: one can never be too careful
      exa: Fix the broken upload fallback for "mixed"
      exa: minor cleanup
      exa: more safety

Magnus Kessler (3):
      Xvfb: Remove unused function GetLK201Mappings in InitInput.c
      .gitignore: ignore sdksyms.dep
      Xvfb: add missing include for new xkbsrv.h

Manuel Bouyer (2):
      netbsd: Fix alpha ev6 support.
      netbsd: Force the use of ev56 instructions for register access on ev56.

Martin-Éric Racine (4):
      Updated the PCI Vendor and Device IDs for all Geode variants.
      Removed unnecessary curly braces for Geode LX PCI ID.
      Further explained what the Geode PCI ID is all about as comments.
      Formatted recent Geode PCI ID changes to fit a 80-column coding style.

Matt Turner (19):
      Remove extra / from Loading module line
      Remove unused barrier macros on alpha.
      Fix mem_barrier() on Alpha
      Fix build on Alpha
      Move memory barrier macros into common section
      define barrier macros as nops if not otherwise defined
      Add x86 barrier macros
      Use sfence and mfence instructions on amd64
      Replace 8 nops with proper sync instruction on mips
      Remove unused ppc_flush_icache function
      Remove unused arm_flush_cache function
      Move unaligned access functions to common section
      Clean up unaligned access functions on alpha
      Simplify unaligned access code
      Remove unused ia64_flush_cache function
      Remove unused BUSmemcpy.c
      Remove unused Delay.c
      Make sys.c use compiler.h unaligned access functions
      alpha: kill xf86SlowBCopyToBus and xf86SlowBCopyFromBus

Matthias Hopf (20):
      randr: Weird enough, crtc->version was never set upon creation. Fix that.
      randr: Crtc interface update for panning support.
      randr: Panning support
      randr: Protocol bits for panning support
      randr: Nuke config-timestamp for panning
      randr: Rename pan() to set_origin(), and xf86CrtcPan() to xf86CrtcSetOrigin()
      randr: Don't change panning parameters if verification fails.
      randr: Rework panning area verification
      randr: Allow panning to be disabled per axis
      randr: Update SProcRandrVector for panning
      randr: Add monitor option "Panning" for initial panning configuration
      randr: Fix error message for bad panning config
      randr: Update initial screen size if panning information is present
      randr: Oops, miscalculated panning rectangle's coordinates
      randr: Fix initial panning border copy
      randr: Update EDID_ATOM_NAME to reflect RandR 1.3 name change
      randr: Nuke broken set_origin shortcut
      randr: Setting gamma: inverse logic looks more sane
      Revert "randr: Setting gamma: inverse logic looks more sane"
      Unclaim PCI slot if driver probing fails.

Matthieu Herrb (2):
      Fix build in separate build directory.
      fix typo in cabff9007 which led to an unintialized memory read and a crash.

Michael Lorenz (1):
      The way XaceHook() mixes struct initializers and va_arg() is not portable and

Michael Witrant (1):
      XFree86: Linux: Fix 100% CPU usage with ShareVTs and kbd

Michel Dänzer (37):
      Fix build with --enable-visibility --disable-xdmcp.
      EXA: Declare glyph cache picture as component-alpha when necessary.
      EXA: Guard empty pending region warning by DEBUG_MIGRATE.
      EXA: Try harder to keep current pixmap copy up to date in exaMigrateToward*.
      EXA: Try to prevent the valid regions from growing too many rects.
      DRI1: Make DRICreateDrawable return TRUE for pixmaps.
      EXA: Handle separate alpha maps properly in Composite fallback.
      Fix up Xephyr build for recent EXA changes.
      EXA: Stop tracking damage for pixmaps subject to ModifyPixmapHeader.
      EXA: Allow using exaCompositeRects also when we can't use a mask in exaGlyphs.
      Revert "EXA: Handle separate alpha maps properly in Composite fallback."
      Revert "Fix up Xephyr build for recent EXA changes."
      EXA: Handle separate alpha maps properly in Composite fallback, take two.
      EXA: No longer use the driver UploadToScratch hook.
      EXA: Fix check for whether the glyph we're evicting from the cache is in use.
      glx: Test the error value, not its address...
      EXA: If the driver can't composite to an a8 mask, try an argb mask for glyphs.
      Fix typo in ProcRenderCreateAnimCursor.
      randr12: Fix calculation of gamma ramp values.
      randr12: Initialize and keep track of updates to VidMode extension gamma value.
      glx: If a destroyed window is bound to the current context, make it not current.
      EXA: Take GC client clip type into account for migration.
      EXA: Always damage glyph cache pixmap manually after uploading a glyph.
      EXA: Defragment offscreen memory.
      EXA: Allocate from the end of free offscreen memory rather than from the start.
      dri2: Don't crash if pPriv is NULL.
      glx: Clean up more thoroughly if the drawable of a current context goes away.
      EXA: Only pass CT_YXBANDED to RECTS_TO_REGION() if that is really true.
      EXA: Completely eliminate exaDoMigration calls for drivers that manage pixmaps.
      EXA: Bail earlier from exaDoPutImage if the driver has no UploadToScreen hook.
      EXA: Fix up some issues introduced by 00fe4a297744c81b40f0243fb56ad848a9be6a2b.
      EXA: Make Prepare/FinishAccess tracking resilient to repeated / nested calls.
      randr12: Add compatibility for XF86VidMode gamma ramps.
      Add support for RENDER BGRA formats.
      EXA: Simplify exaGetPixmapFirstPixel using GetImage.
      glx: Add screen DestroyWindow wrapper to destroy the GLX drawable.
      EXA: Preserve pPixmap->devPrivate.ptr in exaPixmapIsOffscreen_mixed.

Nicolai Hähnle (1):
      Remove reference to non-existing requestLog and requestLogIndex

Oliver McFadden (8):
      xf86Config: Avoid attempting to load non-compiled modules.
      xorg-server.h.in: Export the X Access Control Extension (XACE), too.
      Coverity Prevent: NEGATIVE_RETURNS in fbdev_open_pci:
      Coverity Prevent: RESOURCE_LEAK in xf86CrtcSetInitialGamma
      Coverity Prevent: RESOURCE_LEAK in AccelSetProfileProperty:
      Revert "Coverity Prevent: RESOURCE_LEAK in AccelSetProfileProperty:"
      xf86Xinput: Add the xf86Post(Proximity|Button|Key)EventP helper functions.
      xf86Xinput: xf86PostButtonEventP must set POINTER_ACCELERATE for relative events.

Olivier Blin (1):
      kdrive: add protocol mouse option

Owen W. Taylor (1):
      Xephyr: Fix crash with control-shift and GLX (#18185)

Paul Bender (1):
      Bug 16832: XDMCP related build error when --disable-xdmcp is used

Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade (36):
      Rework code using return value of LoaderSymbol as a function pointer.
      Export symbols also defined in libXfont.
      Export symbols required by the vesa and fbdev drivers.
      Make visible symbols required by xorg modules.
      Enable compiling the X Server and modules with hidden symbols by default.
      Export symbols defined in the sdk.
      Remove declarations of symbols that are never defined.
      Correct static symbol XkmReadTOC and first pass on compile warning fixes.
      Add visibility flags to XSERVER_CFLAGS.
      Rework symbol visibility for easier maintenance
      Include <X11/Xfuncproto.h> if _X_EXPORT is not defined.
      Remove dummylib.
      Correct make distcheck by removing dolt files.
      Update .gitignore.
      Move _X_EXPORT attribute to header file.
      Remove static symbol address tables in hw/xfree86/loader/*sym.{c,h}
      Add back a simplified version of the loader static address tables.
      Use libtool convenience libraries and better "symbol" table.
      Correct xf86acpiDisableFlag symbol.
      Export some symbols from libxf86config when installing it.
      Convert libx86emu.a to a "libtool convenience library".
      Require macros 1.2.0 or newer for XORG_CHANGELOG and XORG_CWARNFLAGS.
      Correct wrong symbol reference on sparc.
      Add dependency tracking to sdksyms.c and export composite wrapper.
      Modify sdksyms.sh to receive $top_srcdir as first argument.
      Ensure symbols required by swrast_dri.so are visible.
      Use regex pattern understood by all known awk variants.
      Improve sdksyms.c automatic generation (Fix #19245).
      Update sdk headers to export new symbols.
      Add sdksyms.sh to EXTRA_DIST to correct make distcheck
      Default to use standard bitmap fonts, with builtins as fallback
      Don't call free, use xfree macro.
      Update xnest keyboard code to match xephyr/kdrive.
      Explicitly add libxorg_la_LIBADD to libxorg_la_DEPENDENCIES
      Convert kdrive libraries to libtool convenience libraries.
      Work around inclusion of <X11/extensions/panoramiXext.h>

Peter Hutterer (601):
      Xi: fix use of button->down - bitflags instead of int arrays.
      xkb: don't attempt to filter events for devices without key classes.
      xkb: Extra sanity checks to prevent dev->key == NULL dereferencing.
      dix: use UpdateFromMaster in GetProximityEvents.
      dix: remove confusing (and wrong) comment. VCP is not the only pointer.
      Xi: fix xi_filters size.
      xfree86: don't FatalError on "too many input devices".
      mi: UpdateSprite only if the device is attached.
      xfree86: don't render SW cursors for devices attached to VCP (#16805)
      dix: fix GetMaximumEventsNum(), may return a DCCE event too.
      xkb: Allow NULL as rulesFile in XkbSetRulesDflts.
      Let the DDX decide on the XkbRulesDefaults.
      Xi: change XIUnRegisterPropertyHandler to XIUnregisterPropertyHandler
      xfree86: fix compiler warning (use of uninitialized variable)
      xfree86: Only use the evdev ruleset on linux.
      dix: fix calculation of valuator events.
      xfree86: init EQ before trying to initialise the devices (#18890)
      mi: always update the sprite for master devices.
      dix: purge dead device-based window access code.
      dix: move MAX_VALUATOR_EVENTS into include/input.h
      mi: Clean up CopyGetMasterEvent, re-use the memory.
      Remove #define NEED_EVENTS and NEED_REPLIES
      dix: fix compiler warning (mixing declarations + statements)
      Xi: silence compiler warning
      dix: don't alloc in ChangeMasterDeviceClasses.
      dix: Init DeviceEnterLeave event's type before FixUpEventFromWindow (#19064)
      dix: set the correct length in CreateClassesChangedEvent.
      dix: Allocate the space for the DCCE when the last SD is removed.
      xfree86: don't restore the TTY mode if we didn't initialize it ourselves
      xkb: ensure enough symbols for core Group1 replication.
      xkb: don't replicate past the number of groups we have.
      xkb: explicitly check for group replication in the core representation.
      xkb: don't treat groups with different no of symbols as identical.
      dix: don't disable uninitialized devices.
      xfree86: don't call CheckMotion if a device hasn't been enabled. #19176
      xfree86: If an input device failed to activate, return immediately.
      xkb: fix typo - missing negation when checking button state.
      dix: remove inputInfo.keyboard reference in QueryPointer handling.
      dix: re-implement enter/leave model.
      dix: remove now unused "exclude" parameter from FirstPointerChild
      dix: reduce FirstPointerChild complexity
      dix: add a few auxiliary functions for the updated focus model.
      dix: move focus handling into enterleave.c.
      dix: don't accept Button 0 presses in GPE.
      Xext: don't accept DeviceValuator if the dev doesn't have valuators (in xtest)
      Xi: call CheckMotion for floating SDs too.
      dix: drop x/y back into last.valuators before updating the history (#19285)
      Xi: add XIPropToInt() auxiliary function.
      Xi: add XATOM_FLOAT to server-defined properties.
      dix: EnqueueEvent and PlayReleasedEvent need to handle DeviceMotionNotifies
      dix: fix WarpPointer calls for devices with custom valuator ranges (#19297)
      mi: ensure chained button mappings from SD -> MD (#19282)
      dix: replace manual check for event types with IsPointerEvent()
      Xext: clean up XGE macros.
      dix: remove "notyet" conditional compilation.
      dix: remove XineramaCheckMotion, merge into CheckMotion.
      xfree86: always force RAW mode under linux.
      Xi: don't care about CoreDevicePrivateKey when copying keys
      dix: Remove traces of CoreDevicePrivateKey
      Xi: define a range of axis labels.
      dix: remove obsolete comment. Event lists should not be allocated by the DDX
      Disable Xnest by default.
      include: remove now-unused sempahore macros.
      render: rename SetBit to RenderSetBit.
      Xext: rename saver's EventType to SaverEventType.
      Xext: rename shape's EventType to ShapeEventType to avoid name clashing.
      dix: add SetBit(arr, bit) and ClearBit(arr, bit) to include/inputstr.h
      Xi: remove now obsolete oldXkbInfo.
      Xi: If the MD doesn't have a key/kbdfeed class, init the keyboard.
      Xi: initialize the device before applying button map changes.
      dix: Use GenericEvent instead of LASTEvent to check for core events.
      Xext: fix typo in GEEventFill macro
      dix: for core events, pass the core filter into DeliverEventsToWindow
      mi: don't call UpdateSpriteForScreen if we have Xinerama enabled. #18668
      dix: die if we can't activate or init the VCP/VCK.
      dix: Get rid of XineramaCheckVirtualMotion.
      dix: reduce redunancy in XineramaConfineCursorToWindow.
      dix: Remove XineramaCheckPhysLimits.
      dix: remove XineramaChangeToCursor.
      dix: deduplicate SyntheticMotion.
      config: if we can't connect to HAL, listen for a startup notification.
      Document the event masks.
      Doxygen-ify bits of events.c
      dix: doxygen-ify enterleave.c
      dix: remove DefineInitialRootWindow()
      Remove two more define XKB leftovers.
      Xi: remove dynamic mask assignment for XI events.
      dix: Don't set core events in SetMaskForEvent.
      dix: Remove lastEventMask variable, substitute with a #define.
      xkb: Fix wrong colour reference in XKB geometry copying. #20081
      dix: check if keybd->key is valid before getting the keyboard state.
      include: add XInternalEvent.
      dix: add InternalEvent -> core/xi event conversion routines.
      dix: add GetCoreType and GetXIType.
      dix: Add temporary conversion function ConvertBackToXI.
      dix: switch event generation to InternalEvents.
      mi: switch the EQ to contain InternalEvents only.
      dix: change eventconvert to always return an array of xEvents
      xkb: Switch the xkb event processing path over to InternalEvents.
      Xi: support InternalEvents in UpdateDeviceState, parts of POE and EnqueueEvent
      dix: update CheckMotion to deal with DeviceEvents.
      Xi: make ProcessOtherEvents more InternalEvent aware.
      dix: fix EnqueueEvent to work with internal events.
      dix: convert passive grabs to use internal events.
      dix: Deliver{Grabbed|Focused|Device}Events API changed to InternalEvents.
      dix: Switch DeliverGrabbedEvents to use internal events.
      dix: switch DeliverFocusedEvent to internal events.
      dix: switch DeliverDeviceEvents to internal events.
      dix: switch DeliverGrabbedEvent to internal events.
      dix: CheckPassiveGrabsOnWindow moved to internal events.
      dix: Fix PostSyntheticMotion to use a DeviceEvent for posting.
      xkb: _XkbFilterRedirectKey needs to pass InternalEvents down.
      Input: change processing API to InternalEvents.
      dix: remove un-used getValuatorEvents and countValuatorEvents from getevents.c
      mi: change custom handlers to internal events
      mi: split EQ popping and event processing into two functions.
      dix: don't apply button mappings to SDs, or the device's MD. (#20122)
      dix: fix wrong condition for setting valuators on the event.
      Doxygenify events.h and eventconvert.c
      dix: remove ConvertBackToXI.
      Xi: don't need to set the XKB settings for new core devices.
      include: fix indentation for lastSlave/master.
      dix: remove unused variable 'tmp'
      dix: set the valuator mode in set_valuators
      Xi: remove AllExtensionVersions.
      include: add a range of button labels.
      mi: only print the "EQ overflowing" error once.
      dix: fix two compiler warnings (old-style function definition).
      xfree86: Add linebreak to two debug statements.
      Remove useless (void) typecasts.
      Xi: don't crash on a NULL property name, just return None.
      dix: remove a few pointless (void) casts of return values.
      Xi: Set the button state on the event during POE.
      Xi: set the modifier + group state during POE.
      dix: s/numEvents/num_events/ in GetKeyboardValuatorEvents
      dix: Merge DevicePresence notify events generation into a single function.
      dix: fix ProcChangePointerControl's wrong inputInfo.pointer usage.
      dix: use PickPointer() and PickKeyboard instead of inputInfo.pointer/keyboard.
      dix: fix XACE checks in ProcWarpPointer
      dix: don't use inputInfo.keyboard to get the focus window in ActivateKbdGrab
      dix: use GetPairedDevice in ProcQueryPointer rather than inputInfo.keyboard.
      dix: remove wrong InputInfo.pointer usage - should be pDev instead.
      mi: remove a bunch of useless inputInfo.pointer assignments.
      render: replace a wrong inputInfo.pointer with pDev
      Xi: VCP and VCK may register for ext. events, so delete them if necessary.
      xkb: fix a couple of device checks when looping through all devices.
      xkb: Fix a mis-use of inputInfo.keyboard.
      xkb: the VCP can post device events, don't stop xkb filtering on it.
      xkb: xkbi has a pointer to the device - use this instead of inputInfo.pointer.
      xfixes: useless (void) typecast removal
      xfree86: remove a superfluous assignment.
      dix: ProcSendEvent shouldn't use inputInfo.keyboard directly.
      Xi: check for existence of the button class before accessing it
      dix: fix uncredible fail in PostSyntheticMotion.
      dix: do percentage check before device check in ProcBell
      dix: fix device sync state when calling SyncBoth during AllowEvents.
      dix: remove duplicate PickKeyboard() command.
      xkb: don't overrun the map index when accessing symbols.
      Add agressive event type checking.
      Xext: purge XGE event masks.
      Xext: remove ev_fill from GEExtensions.
      dix: clean up DeliverDeviceEvents.
      dix: restructure DeliverEventsToWindow, a little bit anyway.
      dix: abstract event filters through GetEventFilters.
      dix: Force deviced ids of 2 and higher for actual devices.
      Xi: purge ExtendedGrabDevice request handling.
      Xi: don't send attachment info down with ListInputDevices.
      Xi: always only list VCP/VCK and the SD's in XListInputDevices.
      Xi: don't allow OpenDevice on any MD.
      require inputproto
      Add XI2_EVENT check.
      dix: FixUpEventForWindow needs to handle XI2 events.
      Xi: add XIQueryVersion request handling.
      Xi: name-space and fix XI2 requests
      Xi: add XIQueryDevice request handling.
      dix: add EventToXI2 and GetXI2Type.
      dix: Add device info to DeviceChangedEvent, and fill in CCCE.
      dix: fix up device enter/leave for XI_Enter/XI_Leave.
      Xi: Change ChangeMasterDeviceClasses to new XI2 events.
      Add XI2 masks and XISelectEvent() request handling.
      dix: Add GetWindowXI2Mask helper
      Xi: send XI2 focus events.
      xkb: remove Device/Enter leave handling - XI2 enter/leave don't have compat state.
      dix: deliver device enter/leave events.
      dix: Enable XI2 delivery for events and focused events.
      Allow XI2 event selection for AllDevices and AllMasterDevices.
      Xi: Deliver XI2 HierarchyEvents when the hierarchy changes.
      dix: store the xi2mask on grabs and pass it around as needed.
      input: add support for RawDeviceEvents.
      dix: un-static FixUpEventFromWindow and deal with focus events too.
      include: add a few prototypes to silence compiler warnings.
      dix: send presence events when floating and unfloating SDs
      dix: Send HierarchyEvents when devices are added/removed/enabled/disabled.
      dix: even if we don't get a XI1 event, continue processing.
      Add Get/SetDeviceFocus handling.
      dix: remove coreMods field from GrabRec.
      mi: remove deprecated miPointerAbsoluteCursor
      dix: remove now obsolete mskidx parameter from DeliverEventsToWindow.
      Xi: purge old device enter/leave masks.
      dix: move ProcGrabPointer guts into GrabDevice.
      include: un-export a bunch of server-only functions.
      dix: remove a truly useless a = (foo) ? bar : bar; statement.
      xkb: put a few extra checks in against non-keyboards
      Xext: set POINTER_SCREEN flag in XTestFakeInput if necessary. (RH #490984)
      dix: return BadValue as error in SetModifierMapping.
      dix: build_modmap_from_modkeymap needs to bounds-check its argument.
      dix: Dont change the keyboard mapping on non-keyboard devices.
      mi: add prototype for CopyGetMasterEvent.
      mi: fix compiler warning - explicitly typecast to InternalEvent.
      dix: fix dev/keybd variable mixup.
      xfree86: fix use of uninitialized variable in DGAProcessPointerEvent.
      xfree86: shut up compiler warnings - typecast to InternalEvent
      Xi: silence compiler warnings about "wrong" event types.
      mi: fix wrong (*EnqueueEvent) declaration in miPointerScreenFuncRec.
      xnest: remove unused variable 'names'.
      xfree86: don't synthesise a mouse section if synaptics devices are found.
      Xi: fix a typo in a #ifdef
      dix: remove un-used parameter "core" from AllowSome
      input: allow NULL as XkbRMVLOSet in InitKeyboardDeviceStruct.
      xkb: strdup the values returned by XkbGetRulesDflts
      dix: store subpixel precision and send it down the wire to the client.
      xfree86: fix use of uninitialized variable in DGAProcessPointerEvent.
      dix: fix dev/keybd variable mixup.
      mi: fix compiler warning - explicitly typecast to InternalEvent.
      xfree86: shut up compiler warnings - typecast to InternalEvent
      mi: fix wrong (*EnqueueEvent) declaration in miPointerScreenFuncRec.
      mi: add prototype for CopyGetMasterEvent.
      Xi: silence compiler warnings about "wrong" event types.
      Xi: remove un-used variable pXIClient
      Xi: remove fail from SProcXISelectEvent.
      Xi: fix a typo in a #ifdef
      xkb: Add XkbFreeRMLVOSet helper function.
      os: don't malloc memory in LogVMessageVerb.
      Xi: remove the GetExtensionVersion hack.
      input: replace GrabRec's coreGrab field with grabtype.
      Xi: add XI2 grab protocol request handling.
      input: use a GrabMask union in GrabDevice to allow for XI2 masks.
      Xi: take XI2 requests into account when checking opcodes.
      Xi: Add support for XI2 active grabs and ungrabs.
      dix: remove un-used parameter "core" from AllowSome
      dix: don't allow more than MAX_VALUATORS on one device.
      Xi: add support for XIAllowEvents.
      dix: set root_x/y for device events.
      Convert to using int32_t fixed point values on the wire.
      Xi: use the XI2 defines for AsyncPair, SyncDevice, etc, not the XI ones.
      dix: don't allow more than MAX_VALUATORS on one device.
      mi: remove superfluous check.
      Xi: swap stuff->cursor in SProcXIGrabDevice
      dix: remove all but main() from main.c
      Add a test-suite for in-server unit-testing.
      test: add a simple test to verify device axis intialization.
      test: add InternalEvent to core event conversion tests.
      dix: remove all but main() from main.c
      Add a test-suite for in-server unit-testing.
      test: add a simple test to verify device axis intialization.
      test: add InternalEvent to core event conversion tests.
      xfree86: restore default off for DontZap
      Xi: split some grab parameter checking out of GrabButton and GrabKey.
      input: reshuffle CreateGrab and friends to take a GrabParameters param.
      Xi: fix typo in ProcXIGrabDevice
      xfree86: print a message if NIDR fails due to AutoAddDevices off.
      xkb: write the _XKB_RF_RULES_PROP to each device.
      mi: don't crash if we're trying to update the pointer for a keyboard.
      dix: only free the old cursor if the grab was successful.
      include: up the number of max. input devices to 40.
      Xext: fix core Xtest button presses, don't call PickPointer.
      Xext: return BadDevice from XTest if we don't have keys/buttons/valuators.
      Xext: shut up compiler warnings in xtest.c
      dix: if grab types differ, two grabs cannot be the same.
      input: ensure various ProcUngrabKey/Buttons have the right grabtype set.
      Xext: fix core Xtest button presses, don't call PickPointer.
      Xext: return BadDevice from XTest if we don't have keys/buttons/valuators.
      Xext: shut up compiler warnings in xtest.c
      include: up the number of max. input devices to 40.
      mi: don't crash if we're trying to update the pointer for a keyboard.
      Change glib require for tests to auto.
      test: add test for xi2 struct sizes.
      xkb: remove oldState from XkbHandleActions.
      Xi: access the prev_state to get group/modifier state for key events.
      Xi: add GrabButton and GrabKeysym code.
      Xi: don't double-swap the XListDeviceProperties reply.
      xfree86: fix xf86PostMotionEventP type checking
      Xi: fix copy/paste error causing sizeof against wrong struct.
      xkb: remove some now-useless XFUNCPROTOBEGIN
      xkb: remove _XkbAlloc, _XkbCalloc, _XkbRealloc and _XkbFree
      xfree86: fix xf86PostMotionEventP type checking
      Xi: fix a couple of wrong dixLookupDevice permission tags.
      Xi: add missing break in XI event swapping function
      Xi: don't double-swap the XListDeviceProperties reply.
      Xi: fix copy/paste error causing sizeof against wrong struct.
      Xi: split some code out of the XI 1.5 property request processing.
      Xi: Add XI2 property requests.
      input: update to inputproto XI2 defines.
      dix: export subpixel precision in XI2 events for root/event coordinates.
      Revert "xkb: write the _XKB_RF_RULES_PROP to each device."
      xkb: if kbd init failed, NULL out the pointers after freeing them (#21278)
      mi: un-deprecate miPointerWarpCursor
      dix: ensure Activate/DeactivateGrab has a valid value.
      kdrive: set Activate/Deactivate grab for input devices (#21591)
      xfree86: Remove superfluous ifdef DEBUG checks.
      xfree86: Remove superfluous ifdef DEBUG checks.
      dix: ensure Activate/DeactivateGrab has a valid value.
      kdrive: set Activate/Deactivate grab for input devices (#21591)
      xkb: if kbd init failed, NULL out the pointers after freeing them (#21278)
      Xi: set per-device hierarchy changed flags.
      input: reduce the number of superfluous hierarchy events
      mi: un-deprecate miPointerWarpCursor
      Update to new XI2 names
      Xi: set the correct length for XIPassiveGrab replies.
      dix: count must be 1 if we have an XI2 match.
      Xi: check cursor and grab_window before attempting the passive grab.
      Xi: take the paired device as modifier device only for MD pointers.
      Include full modifier + button state in XIQueryPointer.
      Xi: set the right length for the XIQueryPointer reply.
      require inputproto
      Fix missing parentheses in FP1616 macro.
      Xi: fix length field in XIQueryPointer.
      dix: remove superfluous loop in change_modmap.
      dix: Remove obsolete comment
      Xi: remove DeviceIsPointerType
      dix: refuse events from disabled devices.
      input: rename device->type to device->xinput_type.
      xfree86: treat other drivers as mouse drivers in the config.
      dix: 'namespace' HAS_OLD_SLAVE and HAS_NEW_SLAVE.
      xfree86: treat other drivers as mouse drivers in the config.
      dix: remove superfluous loop in change_modmap.
      Split the signal-handler's lastSlave out into a separate variable.
      Input: rename DeviceIntRec->isMaster to ->type.
      input: remove nested union from InternalEvent.
      dix: Add a deviceid to the DeviceChangedEvent.
      dix: introduce GetMaster()
      input: introduce partial class copying depending on the event.
      input: allow for master pointers to not have a button class.
      mi: use GetMaster() from MIPOINTER and MISPRITE.
      dix: protect event generation against single-valuator devices.
      os: fix compiler warning "too few arguments to format"
      Xi: silence two compiler warnings
      Xi: advance by the right number of bytes when trawling XI2 event masks.
      Xi: add request processing for XIGetSelectedEvents.
      dix: set the right grab event type for implicit passive grabs.
      Xi: only deactivate passive grabs if the event type matches.
      dix: take grabs into account for XI_Enter/Leave events.
      dix: convert window coordinates to FP1616 before calculating event_x/y
      Xi: fix an inputInfo.keyboard usage.
      dix: fix wrong cast of eventMask into CreateGrab.
      Xi: use GetMaster(MASTER_KEYBOARD) to get the modifier device for XI2 pgrabs
      Xi: set the passive grab's resource mask on ungrabbing.
      Require inputproto
      Xi: Add support for Enter and FocusIn grabs.
      Xi: Send Enter or Leave events with XIPassive(Un)grabNotify
      dix: GetProximityEvents doesn't need extra events for valuators.
      dix: init inputMasks to NULL to avoid random value dereference.
      Xi: passively grabbing slave devices must be possible.
      dix: fix broken XI event delivery during grabs.
      dix: Set the implicit passive grab flag for keyboards too.
      test: fix compile error introduced with the removal of isMaster.
      test: Add GetSelectedEvents request to struct size tests.
      dix: ensure implicit passive grabs have the xi2mask zeroed.
      input: Add grabtype to GrabParameters.
      dix: switch grab checking from unsigned shorts to unsigned ints
      input: add support for XIAnyModifier in passive XI2 grabs.
      dix: don't try to activate a passive grab on top of an active one.
      dix: move grab device assignment into GRABTYPE_CORE block.
      dix: rework temporary slave detachment.
      dix: float slave devices during passive grabs.
      dix: get the current MD keyboard for the grab modifier state.
      input: add support for XIAllDevices and XIAllMasterDevices passive grabs.
      test: add grab matching tests.
      xkb: allow pointer events to pass through for floating SDs without a key class.
      dix: protect against floating slaves in DeviceFocusEvent.
      dix: ensure EventIsDeliverable has inputMasks set at all times.
      dix: rework event conversion before delivery.
      dix: EventToCore must return BadMatch for proximity events.
      Xi: fix wrong grabtype from ProcXGrabDevice.
      dix: use GetMaster in PickPointer and PickKeyboard.
      dix: set the device state for XI valuator events.
      mi: only process master if the SD is still attached.
      test: adjust event_to_core_conversion test for new ProximityIn/Out behaviour
      test: check from INT_MIN to INT_MAX for core type conversion
      Xi: reply with the XI2 version that is supported by both client and server.
      Xi: XIQueryVersion requires major_version of 2 or higher.
      Xi: memset the device name padding to 0.
      Xi: fix flawed logic in XIQueryVersion return value.
      Xi: return BadImplementation for deviceids 256 and above
      Xi: add XIQueryVersion reply swapping hook.
      Xi: fix XIQueryVersion major/minor swapping.
      Revert "test: check from INT_MIN to INT_MAX for core type conversion"
      dix: set the generic event type for implicit XI2 grabs.
      dix: protect against missing ButtonClasses in GetPointerMapping.
      Xi: return BadValue for XI_HierarchyChangd mask on devices.
      Xi: change from XICreateMaster to XIAddMaster for consistency.
      Xi: hierarchy events have a num_info now instead of num_devices.
      require inputproto
      Xi: Swapping 32 bit keycodes requires swapl, not swaps.
      Xi: get the class length before swapping.
      Xi: XIQueryDevice should use XIFooClass instead of the old FooClass defines.
      Xi: XISelectEvents needs to be at least size 3, not exactly.
      Xi: XISelectEvents returns BadValue for num_masks == 0.
      Xi: start checking for invalid mask bits _after_ LASTEVENT.
      Xi: rename ProcXISelectEvent to ProcXISelectEvents.
      input: remove dependency on XI2 protocol for XI_LASTEVENT.
      Xi: ProcXIGetSelectedEvents must use WriteToClient for swapped data.
      Xi: XIGetSelectedEvents mustn't returned masks from non-existing devices.
      Xi: XISetEventMask needs to clear the mask if len is 0
      Xi: correct return buffer size for XIGetSelectedEvents.
      Xi: store mask_len before swapping in ProcXIGetSelectedEvents.
      Xi: fix reply swapping in XIGetClientPointer.
      Xi: sanitize ProcXIGetClientPointer.
      Xi: Fix XISetClientPointer swapping.
      Xi: fix XISetClientPointer return values.
      input: remove un-used "setter" argument from SetClientPointer.
      Add check for GNU ld in the test suite.
      Xi: XISelectEvents/XIGetSelectedEvents use 'win' instead of 'window' now.
      Xi: remove un-used IsOn macro.
      Xi: fix wrong bit->byte conversion in ProcXIQueryPointer
      xfree86: silence a few int10 compiler warnings.
      xfree86: fix two compiler warnings in xf86vmode.c
      Xi: namespace XI2 files.
      Xi: Add support for sourceid in the device classes.
      Xi: include button state in XIButtonInfo.
      Xi: don't use a constant number for class sizes - use sizeof instead
      Xi: Motion events update the device state too.
      Xi: last_valuator is used like an index, so range it accordingly.
      input: change axisVal from uint to double.
      Xi: return current valuator values in XIQueryDevice.
      input: bump to ints for deviceids - XI2 requires 16-bit deviceids.
      input: Add labels to buttons and valuators - ABI_XINPUT_VERSION 7
      Xi: copy the button and axes labels into the XIQueryDevice reply.
      Xi: copy the valuator mode from SD to MD.
      Xi: valuator/button labels are called labels now, not 'names'
      Require inputproto
      dix: reduce MDs and xtest pointers to 7 buttons by default.
      input: unify button numbers on master devices.
      xfree86: fix SWCursor check in xf86CursorSetCursor.
      record: use dixLookupResourceByClass instead of LookupIDByClass.
      dix: fix wrong indices in set_valuator.
      test: fix build error introduced by XINPUT_ABI 7
      dix: set the client's error value to the bad deviceid in check_butmap_change.
      input: abstract Xtst device lookup
      input: store the master device's ID in the devPrivate for XTest devices.
      dix: introduce "Xtst Device" label property.
      Fix IsXtstDevice - returns false positives since 0814f511d5.
      xfree86: fix wrong IsMaster() check causing crashes.
      Xext: remove unused variable 'it'.
      dix: always init the full button map to default values (#22594)
      s/MAX_DEVICES/MAXDEVICES/ updates.
      Xext: return BadValue for XTestFakeInput on unsupported capabilities.
      Revert "XKB: Sanitise * actions" commits (#19602)
      input: include effective modifiers in device events.
      dix: Remove temporary detachment of slave devices.
      dix: don't send presence events for attaching/detaching slave devices.
      include: introduce byte counting functions.
      Xi: use byte-counting macros instead of manual calculation.
      dix: switch to byte-counting functions.
      exa: switch to byte counting functions.
      dmx: switch to byte counting functions
      glx: switch to byte counting functions
      xfree86: switch to byte counting functions
      xquartz: switch to byte counting functions
      xwin: switch to byte counting functions
      Xext: switch to byte counting functions
      randr: switch to byte counting functions
      os: switch to byte counting functions
      render: switch to byte counting functions
      xfixes: switch to byte counting functions
      ephyr: switch to byte counting functions
      xkb: switch to byte counting functions
      record: switch to byte counting functions
      dbe: switch to byte counting functions
      Add test subdir to base Makefile.am
      test: add xi2 directory, prepare for protocol testing.
      test: Add ProcXIQueryVersion tests.
      test: add ProcXIQueryDevice tests.
      test: add ProcXISelectEvents tests.
      test: add ProcXIGetSelectedEvents tests.
      test: add ProcXISetClientPointer tests.
      test: add tests for ProcXIGetClientPointer.
      Update to type-specific raw events - require inputproto
      dix: use sizeof(FP3232) instead of 2 * sizeof(int32_t).
      dix: fix wrong raw valuator copy
      xkb: Remove XKMformat.h include from xkbsrv.h into the files that need it.
      Update to xextproto
      xkb: cosmetic fix, use TRUE instead of True.
      Xext: include securproto.h instead of securstr.h
      input: remove XI2 keysym grabs, use keycode grabs instead.
      dix: use the event mask of the grab for TryClientEvents.
      dix: fix null-pointer dereference on activating enter/focus grabs.
      mi: fix build error caused by missing xtest.h
      include: untangle events.h from the SDK headers.
      record: ifdef out RecordExtensionInit and print a warning to the log.
      dix: update GetMaximumEventsNum() to real value (3).
      mi: update master event copying to InternalEvents.
      xkb: restore XKB PtrBtn actions.
      xkb: move XkbFilterEvents to xkbsrv.h
      Xi: remove obsolete comment.
      Xi: remove FIXME and obsolete include.
      record: silence some compiler warnings.
      include: fix enum EventType declaration.
      input: switch internal event types to enums.
      dix: remove obsolete comment, parameter described doesn't exist.
      dix: pass the sourceid around for enter/leave events.
      include: DeviceFocusEvent is not to be exported.
      Xi: set the sourceid for focus devices to the device id.
      test: fix build by including eventstr.h
      xfixes: FixesHideCursor should work on all master pointers.
      dix: SetFocusOut and LeaveWindow don't need parameters other than dev.
      dix: call SetFocusOut and LeaveWindow when disabling a device.
      xfixes: allocate CurrentCursor for all devices.
      xfixes: backup the DisplayCursor/CloseScreen proc before restoring it (#23034)
      xnest: silence compiler warnings by typecasing properly.
      xnest: fix up parameters to InitKeyboardDeviceStruct.
      xkb: remove now-unused XkbGetKeysym.
      dmx: Enable/DisableDevice take a boolean variable now.
      dmx: fix a call to XkbSetRulesDflts, takes XkbRMLVOSet now.
      Revert "dmx: claim we support XI 2."
      dmx: remove now-useless defines.
      dmx: pass button/axis labels into the init functions (currently unset)
      dmx: don't call InitKbdFeedbackClassDeviceStruct - doesn't exist anymore.
      dmx: include inputstr.h for inputInfo.pointer
      dmx: move 'state' around to silence compiler warning.
      dmx: typecast to InternalEvent* before mieqEnqueue.
      dmx: include exglobals.h for DeviceKeyPress and friends.
      dix: require PointerProc and KeyboardProc to be passed into AllocDevicePair.
      xnest: use AllocDevicePair for  Xnest device initalization
      xnest: include exevents.h for XIGetKnownProperty.
      xnest: restore xnestUpdateModifierState
      Re-enable Xnest by default.
      Revert "dix: Remove temporary detachment of slave devices."
      dix: detach SD during XI2 grabs only.
      Xi: get device changed data from DeviceChangedEvents, not the device (#23100)
      Xi: un-statify XI2EventSwap, it is needed for tests.
      test: fix build error introduced by new AllocDevicePair API
      test: add XI2 eventconversion test for raw events.
      test: add focus and enter conversion testing.
      Xext: allocate a separate event list for XTest events (#23100)
      Xi: fix event swapping for XIDeviceEvents.
      Xi: add event swapping for XIRawEvents.
      test: add event conversion tests for XIDeviceEvents
      dix: re-name internal eventToClassesChanged to eventToDeviceChanged
      include: correct a copy/paste error in a comment.
      Xi: fix up broken DeviceChangedEvent swapping code
      Xext: add missing return code check to ProcSyncDestroyAlarm
      Xext: fix up wrong conditions for negative sync transitions.
      config: don't shutdown the libhal ctx if it failed to initialize (#23213)
      dix: update the sprite trace for all masters && floating slaves (#23257)
      include: Unexport most symbols from exevents.h.
      input: move DeviceChangedEvent conversion into eventconvert.c
      dix: use the XI2 defines for class types.
      include: XInputExtensionInit doesn't need to be exported.
      dix: fix potential use of unused variable 'mask'.
      dix: rework DeviceChangedEvents a bit.
      test: add protocol tests for DeviceChangedEvents
      dix: FixUpEventFromWindow mustn't scramble non-device events.
      Xi: return BadDevice for changing device cursors on non-master pointers.
      record: include recordproto.h, require recordproto
      Xi: return deviceid as error value in XIQueryPointer.
      test: fake initialization of a sprite trace and window locations
      Xi: fix swapping for XIQueryPointer request/reply handling.
      Xi: allow XIQueryPointer requests for master pointers and floating slaves.
      Xi: correct length field for XIQueryPointer reply.
      test: add XIQueryPointer protocol tests.
      Xi: add swapping hook for XIGetFocus reply.
      mi: include shmint.h if needed, silence compiler warning.
      input: move CorePointer/KeyboardProc declarations into header.
      Xext: remove un-used extern of DeviceMotionNotify.
      Xi: fix swapping for XIWarpPointer and XIChangeCursor requests.
      Xi: fix XIWarpPointer up for FP3232 as input coordinates.
      xfree86: Remove xf86GetMotionEvents from public API.
      dix: use IsXtstDevice instead of the direct key lookup.
      input: move XTest device initialization into Xext/xtest.c
      Xext: rename Xtst* to XTest*
      test: add a few tests for xtest device initialization.
      xfree86: require xf86dgaproto
      Xi: silence compiler warning "type may be used uninitialized"
      Un-export ApplyPointerMapping. This is an in-server function.
      Xi: extra length checking for requests providing masks.
      test: fix build after changing libxf86config.la
      test: fix request length calculation, add length tests for XISelectEvents
      Xi: don't try to set oversized or non-existing masks.
      Xi: don't overrun memory for grab masks.
      Xi: Unify checking for invalid bits in grab masks.
      Xi: fix broken swap code in XISelectEvents request processing.
      dix: when unsetting a cursor, update the sprite immediately (#23608)
      Xi: if XISetEventMask fails, return this to the client.
      Xi: standardise XI2 headers.
      Xi: return error values to client from XIWarpPointer.
      Xi: return BadDevice for master kbds and attached slaves in XIWarpPointer
      test: expose the default screen to tests, some cleanup work.
      test: add protocol testing for XIWarpPointer.
      dix: don't return BadMatch from GetProperty (#23562)
      os: don't redefine GNU_SOURCE
      xfree86: silence 'unused variable' compiler warning
      xfree86: silence some xf86dgaproto compiler warnings
      os: silence bigreqsproto compiler warning
      require xf86vidmodeproto or newer.
      dix: hide the sequenceNumber key repeat hack behind two functions.
      xkb: xkbGetKbdByName on the lastSlave needs to change the master (#21859)
      xfree86: fix make distcheck after removal of Domain.note and RAC.Notes.
      shave: hack around the configure ld check for make distcheck.

Peter Åstrand (2):
      xserver: Avoid sending uninitialized padding data over the network
      Composite: Uninitialized borderClipX/borderClipY

Pierre Willenbrock (6):
      Fix duplicate code, off-by one in space calculation, not initialized members
      Prevent double unref of glxdrawables
      Fix obvious copypasta
      Always update u.lastSlave
      Check dev->u.master if there is a custom event handler, too
      Check if new space was actually allocated before freeing.

Pierre-Loup A. Griffais (1):
      Add 4 missing 10bpc picture formats to the server format list.

RALOVICH, Kristóf (2):
      glx: remove Xgl leftover
      glx: damage is only used with DRI

Richard Hughes (2):
      Don't reset the lastDeviceEventTime when doing DPMS actions
      Do not reset lastDeviceEventTime when we do dixSaveScreens

Robert Noland (2):
      Support -sharevts on FreeBSD
      One = is more than adequate here.  Make is sh safe.

Rémi Cardona (5):
      Include Xmd.h from edid.h
      xfree86: DIST_SUBDIRS should not contain variables
      configure: libXinerama isn't needed anymore
      config: add HAL error checks
      configure: fix help string after Xnest default build was changed

Samuel Thibault (1):
      Fix build on hurd-i386

Sascha Hlusiak (1):
      ddxCtrls.c: XkbDDXUsesSoftRepeat always returns 1 now

Shunichi Fuji (1):
      dix: build fix if PANORAMIX is not defined.

Simon Farnsworth (1):
      Make the cursor completely optional

Simon Thum (24):
      dix: ptraccel - Add GetAccelerationProfile()
      xfree86: dump the ptraccel filter setup to the log on init.
      dix: add property support for pointer acceleration.
      xfree86: init properties when ptraccel configuration is found.
      Xi: create well-known atoms on demand, rather than preinit them
      dix: refactor pointer acceleration
      xfree86: remove obsolete code
      dix/xfree86: simplified velocity approximation algorithm
      dix: fix pointer accelerations remainder handling
      dix: correctly utilize tracker buffer and protect from timer overruns
      dix: allow relative motion buffer to accumulate in a natural way
      dix: fix pointer accelerations remainder handling
      dix: correctly utilize tracker buffer and protect from timer overruns
      dix: fix warning in pointer acceleration
      dix: remove superfluous includes from ptrveloc.c
      dix: add 'none' pointer acceleration profile with number -1
      dix: fix warning in pointer acceleration
      dix: remove superfluous includes from ptrveloc.c
      dix: prefer lroundf() over roundf() in axis scaling
      dix: suppress pointer acceleration on xtest devices
      config: fix build after XI2 API changes to RemoveDevice.
      dix: improve pointer acceleration API
      dix: rename pDev->dev, pVel->vel for consistency
      dix: make part of ptrveloc.h internal

Soren Sandmann Pedersen (2):
      Reserve space for two GC values in copy_drawable().
      Disable the out-of-bounds workaround in pixman.

Stuart Bennett (2):
      xf86Cursors: xf86_reload_cursors shouldn't unconditionally show hwcursor (#14820)
      dolt: allow older versions of bash to compile the xserver (#19031)

Søren Sandmann Pedersen (9):
      [shadow] Store the closure in the buffer
      Make compositing with transformed windows work again.
      Fix alpha map computation in miComputeCompositeRegion()
      Fix alpha map computation in miComputeCompositeRegion()
      Print the current version of pixman.
      Fix clipping when windows are used as sources
      Fix miComputeCompositeRegion() to follow new clip rules.
      Use pixman_version_string() instead of PIXMAN_VERSION_STRING
      Use IncludeInferiors when copying windows before compositing.

Thomas Jaeger (8):
      Don't alter device button maps in DoSetPointerMapping
      Xext: Send out correct events in ProcXTestFakeInput
      Count the number of logically down buttons in buttonsDown
      Don't release grabs unless all buttons are up
      dix: deal with first_valuator > 0 correctly if POINTER_SCREEN is set
      dix: do away with an instance of temporary in-place modification
      dix: update a comment
      dix: report subpixel coordinates for high-resolution devices

Tiago Vignatti (33):
      configure: Provide the --enable/disable-xaa option.
      xfree86: remove unused vbe header file
      configure: introduce --{enable,disable}-vgahw
      configure: introduce --{enable,disable}-vbe
      configure: introduce --{enable,disable}-int10-module
      xfree86: remove a bunch of unused pci headers
      xfree86: "Staticize" functions in xf86AutoConfig.c
      xfree86: delete stupid video driver dump (-modalias option)
      xfree86: delete devices probe code (-probe and -probeonly options)
      xfree86: remove RAC/resource doc
      xfree86: remove pci debug macros
      doc: remove outdated PCI/RAC/Domain notes
      xfree86: remove some RAC junk
      xfree86: remove unused functions
      xfree86: reorganize pci code
      xfree86: remove more RAC junky
      mi: fix cursor warping screens
      mi: fix indentation
      xfree86: remove unused PCI header
      xfree86: reorganize xf86Configure.c
      xfree86: header clean up (xf86Configure.c)
      xfree86: remove wrong commentary
      xfree86: remove stupid macro (xf86Configure.c)
      xfree86: remove unaffected code (xf86Configure.c)
      xfree86: remove unused code (xf86Configure.c)
      xfree86: remove bus state change notification callback
      render: AnimCurInit and AnimCursorCreate shouldn't be _X_EXPORT
      render: delete unused headers declaration
      xfixes: minor clean ups on createInvisibleCursor()
      os: remove unused -cursor option
      xfree86: removal of some dead code due VGA arbiter's inclusion
      xfree86: shut up vgaarb warnings when server doesn't support it
      xfree86: remove _more_ RAC junk

Timo Aaltonen (1):
      If AEI is on, disable 'vmmouse' in addition to 'kbd' and 'mouse'.

Tom Jaeger (1):
      Xi: XIGetDevice needs to ignore the MORE_EVENTS flag.

Tomas Carnecky (13):
      ISO C90: Move declaration to the beginning of the function
      Fix "warning: unused variable XXX"
      Fix "warning: XXX defined but not used"
      Fix "warning: cast to pointer from integer of different size"
      Make gcc happy: correct third argument of CopyGetMasterEvent()
      Fix "warning: braces around scalar initializer"
      DBUS_API_SUBJECT_TO_CHANGE is already defined on the command line
      fbdevHWGetRec() doesn't return the private data
      Fix "warning: cast from pointer to integer of different size"
      Remove dead XTest code from extmod
      Remove dead EXTENSION_PROC_ARGS define
      FID, whatever that was, isn't anymore
      Remove two unused defines in C files

Tomas Janousek (2):
      Bug #6428, #16458, #21464: Fix crash due to uninitialized VModMap fields.
      Bug #6428, #16458, #21464: Fix crash due to uninitialized VModMap fields.

Topi Kanerva (1):
      Make DGA optional.

Tormod Volden (1):
      xfree86: edid quirk for Philips LCD LP154W01-TLAJ

Werner LEMBERG (1):
      Add newline to some LogMessage strings.

Winfried Grünewald (1):
      [hw/xfree86] Fix StaticGray cmap.

Xiang, Haihao (1):
      avoid a potential endless loop.

Yaakov Selkowitz (3):
      Cygwin/X: Cygwin doesn't have RTLD_LOCAL
      Cygwin/X: add hebrew to autodetected keyboard layouts
      Cygwin/X: Man page fixes

Éric Piel (1):
      xserver: remove unused code in clipValuators

git tag: xorg-server-

MD5: e12b367b44e27def991f4542d85a9c63  xorg-server-
SHA1: cf74a4759882e4baf33780e7cfd9466722f71918  xorg-server-

MD5: 866c62449255cf2d64ee59302dd496da  xorg-server-
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