problem getting pseudocolor

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Wed Sep 2 05:32:53 PDT 2009

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>Date: Wed, 02 Sep 2009 12:45:36 +0200
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>On Wed, 2009-09-02 at 09:41 +0100, David Gerard wrote: 
>> 2009/9/2 Jerome Glisse <glisse at>:
>> ... DEMANDS 8-bit colour, and won't run in 24-bit colour. ...
>Those who need that should consider working on

Indeed.  A four-year-old bug report (priority: High).  Then we have:

>Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2009 12:09:49 +0100
>From: David Gerard <dgerard at>
>Usually the vertical market software companies in question deal with
>it by certifying on a very narrow range of OSes, rather than e.g.
>filing or fixing bugs. Somewhat less than ideal.

Yes, on both sides of the coin.


>Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2009 09:41:36 +0100
>From: David Gerard <dgerard at>
>I would guess: shitty, shitty  ... Awful, awful. And
>occasionally necessary.

Those tasked with maintaining "old" software that was written when
8-bit frame buffers were expensive, but which is still used in
critical applications have the same lack-of-time and prioritization
issues that X developers have.

I'd think that a bit more charity could be shown to those also
struggling in the trenches.  Different trenches -- same struggle.

		- Pat

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