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Thu Oct 29 19:57:28 PDT 2009

>We currently don't have quite as many nominees as we would >like for the X.Org Foundation Board, so we have voted to >extend the nomination deadline by one week in the hopes that >qualified folks who have so far declined will consider >standing for election. > >If you are actively involved in X development and would be >willing to do this work, or if you know someone who might >be, please don't hesitate to send a nomination (name and >email address) to elections at . > >The current election calendar is: > >Wed 2009-11-04 23:59 UTC - Nomination period ends >Fri 2009-11-06 23:59 UTC - Deadline for new membership applications >Sun 2009-11-08 - Candidates and statements published >Mon 2009-11-09 00:00 UTC - Election period begins >Fri 2009-11-20 23:59 UTC - Election period ends >Fri 2009-11-27 - Results published to the membership > >Thanks much. > > Bart Massey, on behalf of > The Election Committee > X.Org Foundation Board of Directors >_______________________________________________ >members mailing list >members at >
   i want to nominate Carl Worth <cworth at>, because his excellent work on Xorg 2D acceleration(EXA Extension).

Challen zhou
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