Vsync problems and compositing issues

Davor brutalgeisha at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 08:01:46 PDT 2009


I have compiz + kde4 on Gentoo with nvidia drivers. My xorg.conf is
configured for laptop monitor. Xorg server is stable. VSync
in videos works on laptop monitor. If I enable external monitor/disable
laptop monitor through nvidia-settings gui I start to have VSync
problems(tearing) on videos. If I logout and login in the tearing is
gone and vsync works on external monitor. If I switch it back to laptop
monitor again through nvidia-settings gui Vsync again works. I think
that there must be a problem in which nvidia-settings gui works with
xorg server when enabling/disabling monitors, maybe there is some issue
in the way how nvidia-settings "resets" xorg server.

Also in kwin manager when I switch to external monitor/disable laptop
monitor through nvidia-settings gui the compositing is suspended. If I
enable it the screen goes grey with only the mouse cursor showing. And
if I start clicking on the grey screen( for example where the menu is
beneath or opening some app) then if I turn off compositing the screen
is back and I can see what I've clicked and opened when it was
grey...Weird. And again if I logout and login everything works.

Btw. when I logout in kde 4 the screen stays on external monitor(which
was enabled in nvidia-settings gui before and laptop monitor disabled)
but I think it shoud turn on to the laptop monitor because, I presume,
the logout should restart xorg and read again xorg.conf...

I've changed versions of nvidia-drivers and the problem persits. Btw.
his happened when I've upgraded from xorg 1.5 to xorg 1.6 and now when I
downgrade back to 1.5. the problem stays. I've followed the instructions
on Gentoo site on how to properly upgrade to xorg 1.6 and everything
went ok, beside this problem...

Anybody know whats going on with this, it's driving me nuts?


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