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Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Sun Oct 25 15:29:12 PDT 2009

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The X11R7.5 version of the core X Window System documentation - but with
many of the docs moved out to the modules for the protocols and software
they document, the core is much smaller than it used to be.

This module also no longer contains the out-of-date pre-created PostScript
versions of the documents - we are working to generate those all at build
time when the appropriate tools are installed so they will not drift out
of sync again in the future.

Adam Jackson (6):
      Import the source for the DDX documentation from old Xorg CVS.
      Nuke RCS tag.
      Document fb, not mfb or cfb.
      Document changes to backing store and PaintWindow.
      Document fb, not mfb or cfb.
      Various subsystem updates.

Alan Coopersmith (55):
      Add missing closing tags to clear docbook2txt errors
      Update video driver table
      Remove RCS/CVS id tags from registry
      Update server-interpreted address types registry
      Remove more $XdotOrg$ CVS id tags
      List pcpa as xedit maintainer
      Bug 4727: X(7) manpage is dated
      X(7) man page formatting & typo fixes
      Update XOrgFoundation man page to point to git, not cvs
      Accept maintainership of keyboard & mouse drivers
      MAINTAINERS: Add pointers to SubmittingPatches wiki page & xorg-devel list
      MAINTAINERS: Remove compiz from X.Org apps
      MAINTAINERS: Update lists of unmaintained and obsolete modules
      Move xfs/libFS docs to app/xfs & lib/libFS
      Solaris platform docs update for Xorg 1.7
      Strip trailing whitespace from sgml docs
      Start updating README & RELNOTES for X11R7.5
      Reformat credits list in RELNOTES for better readability
      MAINTAINERS: vga is obsolete, ati 3-way-split has been finished
      Add pointers to wiki, bugzilla & git to the readme
      General man page updates for 7.5 release
      Add SVG conversion of misc/xlogo.epsi
      Drop Bitstream Vera from license doc since we no longer ship those fonts
      Fix X11R version numbers in fonts document (1.5 RC 1) snapshot for X11R7.5 RC1 docs
      Remove hardcopy directory
      Move specs/Render/library to libXrender module
      Move specs/Xv/xv-library-v2.2.txt to libXv module
      Move specs/Xv/xv-library-v2.2.txt to libXv module
      Move specs/XvMC/XvMC_API.txt to libXvMC module
      Mark XTrap as Obsolete in MAINTAINERS
      Move specs/Xserver/fontlib.ms to lib/libXfont
      Remove very-out-of-date docs for Lynx & OS/2 platforms
      Replace old Xdarwin docs with pointer to current Xquartz website
      Move Xaw specs to libXaw repo
      Bug 10274: X(7) manpage doesn't document %D for environment variables
      Move session management specs to libSM module
      Move xv-protocol-v2.txt from xorg-docs to videoproto
      Move specs/PM/PM_spec to proto/pmproto module
      Move rstart specs to app/rstart module
      Move Xprint docs to printproto, libXp, & Xprint server modules
      Move libX11/XIM/locale specs to libX11 module
      LICENSE: update license notes for 7.5 release
      Move xtrans specs to lib/libxtrans module
      RELNOTES: Update contributor list from git-log of all katamari modules
      xorg-docs (1.5 RC 2) snapshot for X11R7.5 RC1 docs
      RELNOTES: Fix some character entity codes
      RELNOTES: Correct release for Compose file changes
      Move description of XFree86 4.4 compose changes to Compose man page in libX11
      Update fonts.sgml for the last few years worth of font changes
      Update BSD platform docs for 7.5 release
      Make DTD version match DTD URL in XACE-Spec.sgml & Xserver-spec.sgml
      More updates to Release Notes for X11R7.5
      Migrate to xorg macros 1.3 & XORG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS
      xorg-docs 1.5 (X11R7.5)

Ben Byer (2):
      added my email address
      Adding Jeremy Huddleston to Xquartz

Daniel Stone (3):
      Remove ChangeLog
      MAINTAINERS: Add xf86-video-glide maintainer
      MAINTAINERS: Peter is really the input king these days

Eamon Walsh (7):
      Bug #6988: Change behavior of Security extension per user feature request.
      Update XACE documentation for version 2.0.
      Attempt to banish the old DDX server documentation once more.
      Update the server documentation for the devPrivates rework.
      Update the server spec revision history to reflect recent changes.
      xace: device access hook documentation updates for XI2.
      xace: property access hook documentation updates for Post hook.

Ed Catmur (1):
      Bug 9842: "65533" is not a character number in the document character set

Eric Anholt (2):
      Update xf86-video-intel entry.
      Add xf86-input-aiptek maintainer per request.

Giuseppe Bilotta (1):
      Add myself as maintainer for xf86-input-acecad.

Guillem Jover (2):
      MAINTAINERS: Use xorg-devel instead of xorg for mailing list
      Add .gitignore files

Ian Romanick (1):
      Add libpciaccess and xf86-video-xgi.  Update xf86-video-mga.

James Cloos (2):
      Add comment to X11.keysyms about what is missing
      Replace static ChangeLog with dist-hook to generate from git log

Jerome Pinot (1):
      Fix rgb.txt. Bug #17689.

Jesse Barnes (1):
      Update OS X maintainer and list OS X/Darwin port as maintained (still need
email and possible co-maintainer entries for OS X though).

Jochen Voss (1):
      Bug 11104: misprint in xlib manual, broken example in X Toolkit
intrinsics, etc.

Julien Cristau (2):
      fix build in a builddir
      rename security.man to Xsecurity.man

Keith Packard (1):
      Add Makefile to build x11.pdf

Matthieu Herrb (2):
      Add my self as maintainer for a couple of applications.
      Add me as xsetroot maintainer

Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade (2):
      Update configure.ac for removal of empty directories.
      Correct make distcheck.

Peter Hutterer (29):
      Remove a couple of tags unparseable by doclifter.
      Xi specs: Doclifted protocol.xml.
      Xi specs: modify xml to parse through xmlto.
      Xi specs: remove double headers, clean a few things out.
      Xi specs: clean up the layout of the first page.
      Xi specs: clean up xml, try to get a readable output.
      Xi specs: add blurb about XI 2 device handling.
      Xi specs: ListInputDevices, GetExtensionVersion and OpenDevice specs for XI2.
      Xi specs: add new requests for XI 2.
      Xi specs: add XI 2.0 events.
      Xi specs: add DevicePresence events.
      Xi specs: add DevicePresence events.
      Xi specs: note about deprecated Change[Keyboard|Pointer]Device.
      Xi specs: Add note that we're including 2.0 as well now.
      MAINTAINERS: Looks like evdev is mine now.
      Xi specs: update the description of the state field (device events).
      MAINTAINERS: update my email address.
      Xi specs: add protocol documation for input device properties.
      Xi specs: Allow same mapping for multiple buttons in XI 2.
      Xi specs: Update DevicePresence for DeviceControlChanged
      Xi specs: Update device properties requests/event.
      Xi specs: Add JOYSTICK as predefined device type.
      Add xf86-input-synaptics maintainers.
      Add "Deactivated" state, mark deactivated input drivers as such.
      Xi: s/secifies/specifies/g
      Xi: DevicePropertyNotify events were introduced with 1.5, not 2.0
      MAINTAINERS: Update input-void maintainer from ajax to me.
      Remove out-dated XI2 stuff from Xi protocol spec.
      Remove X Input protocol spec.

Philip Langdale (1):
      MAINTAINERS: Add xinput maintainer

Sascha Hlusiak (1):
      MAINTAINERS: Add xf86-input-joystick maintainer

git tag: xorg-docs-1.5

MD5:  359ac83ad27eecd5588914ba8715301d
SHA1: e4a0fdf848e9d5baa2de625ce74f204de37e0fb0

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SHA1: a26da91ec71e9d946709b4ee15fc8c04cd3d8483

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