pixman and perl

Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Fri Oct 23 00:38:43 PDT 2009

John Taylor wrote:
> Dan wrote:
>> Interesting.
>> Personally, I don't like Python. That is to say, I've learned a bit of
>> Python, and I don't like programming in it. But as Python is used by my
>> distribution's package management system ( Gentoo ), I have Python
>> installed on my system, and I've never really thought more about it.
>> What did Perl do to you anyway? Just curious.
> It may seem strange, but I don't like perl because of the way it must be 
> installed. As far as I remember, it has not a configure script and a 
> makefile. 

Umm... I'm pretty sure Larry Wall invented configure scripts, originally
for rn, then perl - and then the GNU project built autoconf to make
creating them easier for the rest of us.   Perhaps you're confusing perl
with something else?

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