[ANNOUNCE] xorg-server 1.7.1

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Thu Oct 22 22:48:02 PDT 2009

The first stable update to the X server 1.7 is now available.

The main chunk since RC2 are some XACE fixes, the rest are assorted fixes
all over the place. As you can tell, there's still a fair flow of patches
coming for 1.7, so expect a few more 1.7.x updates. At this point, we're
also quite close to master so many of the commits go into both branches.

1.7.2 is scheduled 5 weeks from today, with the snapshots after 2 and 4
weeks unless some other reason forces us to release sooner.

Please remember to nominate your patches for 1.7 either by letting me know
over IRC/email or by shoving it into the server-1.7-nominations branch.

Adam Jackson (1):
      dix: Fix up colormap fixup.

Colin Harrison (1):
      Xming: Remove unused X-boxed icon resource

Eamon Walsh (9):
      xace: Fake return values on denials in input polling requests.
      xselinux: Stop special-casing QueryPointer access checks.
      xace: Relax permissions on XkbGetState from Read to Getattr.
      xselinux: switch from x_device to separate x_pointer and x_keyboard classes.
      xselinux: Allow SetWindowCreateContext to be used for pixmaps as well.
      dix: Export IsPointerDevice() and IsKeyboardDevice().
      xselinux: Use the now-exported IsPointerDevice() instead of a copy.
      xselinux: Note something in the log if disabled by boolean.
      Don't print a failure message when XACE denies an input event delivery.

Jeremy Huddleston (2):
      XQuartz: Remove the redundant xquartz_resetenv_display
      XQuartz: Fix a possible minor memory leak

Jon TURNEY (1):
      Resolve an inconsistency between libX11 and Xserver over GetModifierMapping

Keith Packard (2):
      Fix 'distcheck' to use host xkb files but install to build dir
      DRI2: Report the correct extension minor version

Lee Leahu (2):
      dmx: when setting up device axis, use the correct counter number
      dmxDestroyWindow() - must call the X's native DetroyWindow()

Marcin Baczyński (1):
      Kill compilation warnings.

Peter Hutterer (2):
      kdrive: silence tslib compiler warnings
      xserver 1.7.1

git tag: xorg-server-1.7.1

MD5: dda7842467cda6018fdc87e6002e4db1  xorg-server-1.7.1.tar.bz2
SHA1: d31e259b3ab975e2c1baea8f7310b57152ae3c62  xorg-server-1.7.1.tar.bz2

MD5: 913a672cbd6da516de15965d594e20b9  xorg-server-1.7.1.tar.gz
SHA1: c8777188a231ca822bfdcfafe1aaff45e7efa876  xorg-server-1.7.1.tar.gz

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