Widescreen + Dual-Head (mga)

Michaela Treml michaela_t at gmx.at
Wed Oct 14 23:50:38 PDT 2009

Hi all!

I finally got two 22" widescreen TFTs instead of my old CRTs, but I've  
got a problem setting xorg.conf up correctly.

I added a modeline to the monitor-sections in order to get the  
resolution of 1680x1050. After that the image on the second monitor  
was corrupted. It showed diagonal stripes, as if there was something  
wrong with the refreshrate.

Do I need a different modeline for the second monitor?

I attached my two configuration-files:
xorg.conf.bak is the one that worked with the CRTs (and does work with  
the TFTs, but the resolution looks awful)
xorg.conf.neu gets the resolution right for one TFT, the image on the  
other one is unusable.

I would really appreciate your help! I was googling and trying all  


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