Re: xcb_io.c:542 _XRead Assertion dpy->xcb->reply-data =! ((void *)0) failed

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Wed Oct 14 05:16:31 PDT 2009

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Betreff: xcb_io.c:542 _XRead Assertion dpy->xcb->reply-data =! ((void *)0) failed

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After an upgrade to libX11-1.3

every time i start an Application with keyboard interaction like xterm

this app crashes with the above mentioned text:

What is the sense of

the line 542 of xcb_io.c:

located in src/xcb_io.c
int _XRead(Display *dpy, char *data, long size
	assert(size >= 0);
	if(size == 0)
		return 0;
	assert(dpy->xcb->reply_data != NULL);
	assert(dpy->xcb->reply_consumed + size <= dpy->xcb->reply_length);
	memcpy(data, dpy->xcb->-reply_data + dpy->xcb-reply_consumed, size);
	dpy->xcb->reply_consumed += size;
	_XFreeReplyData(dpy, False);
	return 0;
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