ANN: xterm patch #250

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Tue Oct 13 04:04:50 PDT 2009

                            Patch #250 - 2009/10/13
     * add check and error-message for fonts that have no printable values
       in the ISO-8859-1 range (Debian #542434).     
     * some   compiler-warning   cleanup,  in  particular  workaround  for
       defective  implementation  of  gcc's  attribute  warn_unused_result
       (report by Bram Moolenaar).
     * improve  estimate  of single-column width for packed TrueType fonts
       by ignoring extents for codes 127 and 159.  
     * improve  line-drawing  for  TrueType  fonts  which  happen  to have
       defined  glyphs  which  are  not  line-drawing in 0..31 by assuming
       they're  not,  and  just  checking  the  existence  of  the Unicode
       codepoints.  This makes it more likely that the user can override a
       misconfigured font using the "Line-Drawing Characters" menu entry.
     * limit   minimum  cell-width  for  packed  font  to  maximum-advance
       reported  by  Xft.  Some  fonts  are  wider  than that, even in the
       Latin-1 range (Debian #550497).
     * add list of direct-contributors in "THANKS" file.
     * stylistic  changes to this file to help scripted extraction of list
       of contributors.
     * correct   off-by-one   in   okPosition  fix  from  [254]patch  #249
       limit-checks  which  prevented double-click selection on the bottom
       line of the screen (reports by Rajeev V. Pillai, Debian #550368).
     * add  -q  option  to vttest/ and vttest/ to
       demonstrate bulk initialization of color palette.
     * improve  the  workaround  from patch #188 by enabling resources for
       the 88-color model.
     * document  in  xterm  manpage  the limited availability of resources
       color16 to color255 as noted in [255]patch #188 (Ubuntu #438850).  

Thomas E. Dickey
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