multi monitor/multi card status

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at
Sun Oct 11 04:50:18 PDT 2009

Dave Airlie wrote:

>> I am running a non-KMS system, and zaphod mode on radeon segfaults me.
>> Here is my xorg.conf and X log, again.
> Latest git of -ati?
> I've fixed a zaphod segfault a week or two ago, btw without KMS though
> there is a good chance the machine will die on X exit due to some conflicting
> VGA stuff, unless you have VGA arbiter stuff working on a latest Linus kernel.

What is the VGA arbiter you mention here?

For me, my system freezes with two X servers running when I exit, when 
using the latest stable ati (radeon) drivers (with two RV730XT [Radeon 
HD 4670] cards).

It does not freeze when using fglrx though.

I was not able to check how it behaves with radeonhd, as this driver is 
not able to start two X servers with two graphics cards (at leas with my 

Tomasz Chmielewski

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