xdmx questions

Csillag Kristof csillag.kristof at united-consult.hu
Sat Oct 10 16:26:33 PDT 2009

Dear all,

Since I can not get Xinerama work on my triple-monitor configuration, I
am experimenting with XDMX.

I have had some limited success (have seen an actual big desktop,
spanning all 3 monitors),
but I have a few questions.

1. Is this the right list for XDMX questions? (The binaries are build
from the xorg sources.)

2. I can not seem to get keyboard mapping right. The alphanumerical keys
are OK, but the cursor keys are not: <UP> seems to be <Print screen>. I
have tried various combinations of config options, but the problem
remained. Can someone please point me to a working example?

3. Is it possible to use arbitrary areas of a running X server as a
back-end server for XDMX, as opposed to the full area of a given X
server? By individually addressing the two monitors which are
(errorneously) united by randr, I could re-order my monitors into the
proper (physical) layout, which seems to be impossible otherwise, since
the middle monitor is connected to one device, and the other to two are
connected to an other one.
4. I have seen some severe performance/delay issues. Currently I am
running XDMX over a 100Mbps network; is it likely that things will
improve if I upgrade to gigabit?

Thank you for your help:


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