Modifier keys across input devices ignored for first (modified) keystroke

Matt Brown deadguysfrom at
Fri Oct 9 12:04:33 PDT 2009

Hi all,

I filed this as a bug in ubuntu, but thought I'd check to see if anyone here
could help me.

I have some foot pedals which I use for the modifier keys ctrl, alt, and
shift.  After the modifier is held down, it is ignored for the first
keystroke of what should be the modified input. For example, holding down
shift and pressing the "a" key repeatedly yields "aAAAAA" instead of
"AAAAAA".  I've done some tests to try to diagnose the problem.

1) The error is seen regardless of window manager/desktop environment (tried
gnome, xmonad, and none -- just an xterm)
2) The error is NOT seen in a virtual terminal (ctl-alt-f1). Leads me to
believe it is a bug in X
3) The error is NOT seen at all in hardy. I also have a jaunty install with
X pinned to hardy's version, and the error is not seen there either.
4) The error is seen with any two keyboards. I tested on a karmic laptop
between the laptop keyboard and a usb keyboard.

Any ideas where the problem could be, or how to fix it?


Here's the link to the ubuntu bug:
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