[ANNOUNCE] libXt 1.0.7

Paul Bender pebender at san.rr.com
Fri Oct 9 07:07:56 PDT 2009

Paul Bender wrote:
> Alan Coopersmith wrote:
>> Thomas Petazzoni (1):
>>       Fix compilation of host tools in cross-compilation case
> This is not completely fixed as autotools include CPPFLAGS in the 
> COMPILE command but there is no CPPFLAGS_FOR_BUILD to override it for 
> compilation of host tools. As a result, it uses the wrong CPPFLAGS.
> It can be worked around by not adding the flags in the CPPFLAGS 

Oops. That should have been "by adding the flags in the CPPFLAGS"

> environment variable to the CFLAGS environment varaible and unsetting 
> the CPPFLAGS environment variable. However, it would be cleaner to have 
> a CPPFLAGS_FOR_BUILD environment variable.
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