X11R7.5 font modules RC1

Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Wed Oct 7 23:46:41 PDT 2009

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A release candidate of font-utils 1.1.0 and of the font modules updated to
use them has been posted temporarily at:

For these tarballs, the version numbers weren't bumped yet (except for
font-util, which had to be set all the way to 1.1.0 for the version checking
to work), but that will certainly happen for the actual release versions.
I've posted these in my personal area on freedesktop.org because of these
clashes with tarballs that have already been or will in the future be released.
Please do not use these for anything but temporary testing.

Most of the changes involved will only make a difference to distro packagers,
those building the modules themselves, and those of us maintaining the modules.

*NOTE* The default installation path for the fonts has changed!
See the details below for the configure script arguments that affect this
(or see the recent xorg-devel thread discussing this proposed change).

End-user visible changes:

 - font/misc-misc:

    Changes from http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~mgk25/ucs-fonts.html (Markus Kuhn):

        - 1698 glyphs added by Mikael Öhman
        - another 1273 glyphs added by Mikael Öhman
        - removing 207 wide and full-width characters
        - completed Latin Extended Additional
        - added some Supplemental Punctuation
	- fixed swapped U+2198/2199:
	- Fixed precomposed variants of "a" to look like the base character
	  (Artis Rozentals)
        - added some Latin Extended Additional, including capital sharp s
        - added some math symbols and operators, including perpendicular and
          finite part integral (for ISO 80000-2 coverage)
        - centered some older math operators properly (subset, superset, etc.)
        - adding some Supplemental Punctuation
        - completed Latin Extended Additional
        - added some Supplemental Punctuation
        - Unicode 5.1 TARGET3 completed by Henning Brunzel <muhgnu at yahoo.de>
	- Thomas Wolff <towo at towo.net> suggested a change of U+21B5
	      to distinguish it from U+21B2.

      - removed from all non-Asian fonts all wide and full-width characters

      - many fonts: moved wide angle brackets U+2329/232A to
        mathematical angle brackets U+27E8/27E9

      - adding AUTHORS file

 - font/schumacher-misc:

    Changes from http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~mgk25/ucs-fonts.html (Markus Kuhn):
        - removed all wide and full-width characters
        - moved wide angle brackets U+2329/232A to
	  mathematical angle brackets U+27E8/27E9
        - added U+20AF DRACHMA SIGN

    Remove bogus glyphs for characters uni30D0, uni30D1, uni30D2 and uni30D3
    (James Cloos)

Other changes:
 - A lot of duplicated code common to multiple modules has been moved into
   macros in font-utils.m4.   Anyone building from git, or otherwise running
   autoconf/autoreconf/autogen to update the configure script will need to
   have font-utils 1.1 installed for any of these.

 - The default installation directory for data files from these modules (fonts,
   encodings, encoding mappings, etc.) has changed from ${libdir}/X11/fonts to
   ${datadir}/fonts/X11 (i.e. for those who build with --prefix=/usr, from
   /usr/lib/X11/fonts to /usr/share/fonts/X11 )

   font-utils configure script takes an argument of --with-fontrootdir to
   specify the root directory under which font subdirectories should be made
   by the other modules.   The value for this (either the argument passed or
   the default of ${datadir}/fonts/X11) is not only used for font-utils itself,
   but is recorded in fontutil.pc for use by other modules.

   The directory used by the individual modules to install is the first found
   from this list:
	1. --with-fontdir argument to that module's configure script (*)
	2. the default subdirectory under the root dir found first from:
		1. --with-fontrootdir argument to that module's configure script
		2. pkg-config --variable=fontrootdir fontutil  (i.e. the value
			saved from font-util's configure script)
		3. ${datadir}/fonts/X11

   (*) except for modules which use alternate options for various reasons:
	+ encodings:  --with-encodings-dir
	+ misc-ethiopic:  --with-ttf-fontdir & --with-otf-fontdir
	+ alias:  no specific subdir option is provided

 - Bitmap (bdf/pcf) font module configure scripts now all take an option of
   to specify the method to be used to compress the output .pcf files.   If you
   choose bzip2, you must make sure you are using libXfont 1.3.4 or newer, and
   that libXfont was compiled with the --with-bzip2 option.

 - configure scripts now exit with an error if required utilities are not found.
   (Original work by Andres Salomon, copied into macros and added in additional
    checks by Alan Coopersmith)

 - ChangeLogs now autogenerated from git (Original work by James Cloos,
   updated by Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade & Alan Coopersmith)

 - Modules now all include a barebones README with pointers to the upstream
   mailing lists, bugzilla and git for the benefit of users who find these
   on mirror sites or in distro packages.

 - fc-cache is not run during "make install" if $(DESTDIR) is set, since it's
   not useful when making packages, and can cause access violations when
   building in a sandboxed environment.  (Original work by Ryan Hill, copied
   into macros and remaining modules by Alan Coopersmith)

 - configure scripts now all use XORG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS from xorg-macros 1.3 for
   easier future mass updating.

 - $PKG_CONFIG honored in configure scripts (bug#8185, Original work by
   Jeremy Lainé, copied into macros and remaining modules by Alan Coopersmith)

 - For many of these, this is their first tarball release since X11R7.0 or 7.1,
   so the tarballs have newer autoconf/automake generated scripts.   These were
   generated with automake 1.11 & autoconf 2.63.

 - Various other janitorial work by Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade, James Cloos,
   Gaetan Nadon, and Alan Coopersmith.

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