VAAPI support question

Manu eallaud at
Wed Oct 7 10:53:05 PDT 2009

Le 07/10/2009 13:46:23, Matt Turner a écrit :
> On Wed, Oct 7, 2009 at 1:35 PM, Manu <eallaud at> wrote:
> >        Hi all,
> > I would like to know if the g965 chip support vaapi or any serious
> > video decoding at all. If not what would it take to port what
> already
> > exists for other chips (I think G45 does suppport video decoding).
> OK. Do you mean "does the 965 _hardware_ support video decoding?" or
> do you mean "does the 965 _driver_ support video decoding?"?

Well I guess that 965 is able to support at least partially the video 
decoding (its either hardwired or using shaders, i dont remember), but 
yes the real question is: do 965 hardware and software support video 
decoding. If only the hardware can do as I fear, what is needed (like 
port some shaders programs) to enable the software driver to do at 
least part of the video decoding (by which I mean: mpeg2-4 and others 
if possible).

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