[ANNOUNCE] libX11 1.3

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Thu Oct 1 20:12:34 PDT 2009

A number of fixes since the RC and they're all over the place. Nothing
overly exciting though.

New requirement: xorg-macros 1.3.

Alan Coopersmith (11):
      Convert Xkb API man pages to ANSI prototypes
      XkbSAActionSetCtrls.man: Fix typo in formatting macro
      XkbQueryExtension.man: Arguments should be pointers
      XkbSetDeviceButtonActions.man: remove non-existent actions argument
      Fix version tag in .TH line of several XKB man pages
      Update to using xorg-macros 1.3 & XORG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS
      Add AM_SILENT_RULES support for cpp rules for man & nls files
      Use make rules instead of shell for loops to generate shadow man pages
      Add perl script to check for duplicate or conflicting compose file entries
      Resolve conflicting Compose sequences in iso8859-2, el_GR.UTF-8 & pt_BR.UTF-8
      Bug 24173: libX11 from git fails to build with automake older then 1.11

James Cloos (1):
      Add some (Serbian) Cyrillic NFD sequences.

Julien Cristau (3):
      man/xkb: use __libmansuffix__ instead of hardcoding 3Xkb for manpage sections
      man: use __libmansuffix__ instead of 3X11 for references to other pages
      man/xkb: delete spurious newline in .TH headers

Mikko Niskanen (1):
      Fix wrong typedef on HP-UX (#18998)

Paul Bender (1):
      Don't require xdmcp in configure.ac (#22583)

Peter Hutterer (5):
      man: XQueryTree may return BadWindow. (#23416)
      man: fix parameters to XkbAllocGeomOverlay{Rows|Keys} (#23499)
      Add XF86TouchpadToggle to XKeysymDB
      nls: remove duplicate Compose sequences from pt_BR.UTF-8
      libX11 1.3

git tag: libX11-1.3

MD5: 0545089013213e90aac19b8f8045d32e  libX11-1.3.tar.bz2
SHA1: af8f65b5e64de7bc6f5a780e042518a490c949cf  libX11-1.3.tar.bz2

MD5: eac94012ae0a2a322adce9801af13441  libX11-1.3.tar.gz
SHA1: c80e7369804def6ce61f3f8d8d392041a086685d  libX11-1.3.tar.gz
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