ANN: xterm patch #249

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Thu Oct 1 18:12:20 PDT 2009

                             Patch #249 - 2009/10/1

     * change default for allowWindowOps resource to false.
     * add limit-checks for result of visual_width() function, needed from
       [253]patch #242 and exposed by #244 changes (Debian #548321).
     * improve limit-checks in select/paste.
     * fix  a  remaining  bug  from [254]patch #230 changes for displaying
       multi-column  characters  in  a  proportional font (report by Chris
     * add  new  resource  forcePackedFont and menu entry "Packed Font" to
       control  whether  to  use  the  font's minimum (default) or maximum
       width  when  those  differ.  The  workaround  which  xterm  uses to
       accommodate  proportional fonts is not necessary with certain fonts
       such  as  unifont  which  happen  to store a mixture of multicolumn
       glyphs (report by Chris Jones).
     * fix  an (old) bug which did not restart the timer for blinking text
       if  the  only  blinking  text was temporarily scrolled out of view,
       e.g., using the scrollbar.
     * fix an (old) flaw in the delete-line operation where the text which
       is  scrolled  into  view  while  the display is scrolled up was not
     * improve delete-line and insert-line operations, retaining selection
       when the selection does not intersect the deleted/inserted lines.
     * fix an (old) off-by-one error when an application cleared above the
       cursor position while the display was scrolled up, that would leave
       an extra line of text uncleared.
     * fix  a similar problem where the double-size attribute would not be
       reset when clearing the screen while the display was scrolled up.
     * fix an indexing error which would occur if an application cleared a
       line  while  the display was scrolled up and was also in UTF-8 mode
       (Redhat  #524503).  The  error  was  from  [255]patch #228 but more
       visible after changes from [256]patch #244.

Thomas E. Dickey
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