upcoming xi2 and current XTest implementation

Christian Beier beier at informatik.hu-berlin.de
Thu May 28 06:27:17 PDT 2009

Hi there,
with the merge of xi2 coming next week, I wonder what the status of
XTest with xi2 is. Right now, XTest still pretty much looks like XI
1.x, with Device*'s instead of devive ids
Looking at the upcoming libXi in Peters repo, I can see that it only
offers XIChangeHierarchy() to create MD's, so MPX with the new libXi
uses device ids _only_ instead of the old Device*'s. So faking MD
input via XTest wont't work for now or is there a xi2 xextproto branch
somewhere that I'm missing?


what is, is;
what is not is possible.
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