compiling xserver without hal

Justin Mattock justinmattock at
Sat May 23 01:00:42 PDT 2009

On Fri, May 22, 2009 at 2:40 PM, Paul Bender <pebender at> wrote:
> Justin Mattock wrote:
>> quick question:
>> if I compile xserver without hal
>> (noticed udev 142 has no voluemid)
>> will I be able to use the mouse and keyboard
>> (and wireless mouse)
>> once I startx?
>> if so, what switches do I need to make sure are set
>> before I compile the xserver?
> I build xorg-server without HAL. The two options that are relevant (as
> far as I can tell) to this are
>     --disable-config-dbus
>     --disable-config-hal
> In addition, when running this xorg-server, you will need to configure
> the input devices in your xorg.conf.
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as soon as I get some zzz...
and start fresh,
I'll see what happens without hal
(should work I'm guessing)

so far all xlibs, video modules, xserver
and dependencies have compiled fine
without hal(hopefully later on, the same story)

Justin P. Mattock

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