Building Xorg on Solaris 8

Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Mon May 18 08:58:24 PDT 2009

Greg Huxley wrote:
> I’m trying to build X11R6.9 on Solaris 8 and it is failing on the following:

An obsolete X release for an obsolete OS release?

> closefrom                          
> ../../programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/common/libxf86.a(xf86Events.o)

Sorry - that's probably my fault - the closefrom() function was introduced in
Solaris 9, but the check in the X11R6.9 code just checks for any SVR4 based
Solaris release (i.e. Solaris 2.0 or later).   I've not tried building on
Solaris 8 in many years (since before X11R6.9 was out), but you should be
able to work around this by editing
and just deleting the closefrom() call.   If you do crash and call pstack
to print the stack trace to the log, you'll pass all of Xorg's open file
descriptors to pstack, but that probably won't hurt it.

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