How to make xorg prefer "nvidia" over "nv" driver in a xorg.conf less configuration?

Rémi Cardona remi at
Thu May 14 00:09:44 PDT 2009

Francesco Pretto a écrit :
> 1) You've pointed me the driver loading priority is hardcoded in Xorg so can't
> be changed by normal users. Maybe HAL fdi policies files can be used to
> accomodate my task?

HAL is only used for input drivers. So the answer here is "no" as well.

> 2) If there's no configurable option to solve this, this would de definitively a
> lacking feature: Xorg can't prefer one driver instead of another in a xorg.conf
> less configuration.

So you want a configurable option *without* a configuration file? What's 
wrong with having a _really_ dumb xorg.conf that only has one "Device" 

In any case, feel free to send patches to this mailing list.


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