X stops receiving mouse clicks

Emanuele Tamponi emanuele at valinor.it
Mon May 11 14:19:47 PDT 2009

In data lunedì 11 maggio 2009 22:31:32, Emanuele Tamponi ha scritto:
: > In data lunedì 11 maggio 2009 14:48:51, walter harms ha scritto:
> > maybe you can reproduce that with xev ?
> > does ist happen with other inputs devices also ?  keyboard ?
>I've attached it
> I'll try with xev.
> Every mouse device stops working: wireless mouse and builtin trackpad.

Sorry, what do you want from xev? Console output?

Please see it at http://www.valinor.it/xev_output (I cannot attach it because 
the attach-file popup doesn't get the focus :P)

As you see, even after mouse leave event, the focus is kept by xev!


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