modify keyboard layout

aivils at aivils at
Mon May 11 05:52:18 PDT 2009

Citēju "Timothy S. Nelson" <wayland at>:

>  	How did you go about ensuring that you had the correct keyboard map
> loaded?  Have you tried setxkbmap with the -print option?
>  	(Btw, I'm no expert, and I haven't been able to find documentation
> either).

Docs does not help for me. Delete modified lines. Add single line
modification per time. Check out every single modification:
# setxkbmap us
# setxkbmap fr
us - valid layout, at least you can use arrow keys to restore
working keyboard layout. I mean command line, which one remember last
commands. You get it after 20 - 30 times ;o)


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