modify keyboard layout

mobidyc mobidyc at
Wed May 6 06:47:58 PDT 2009

Concerning this thread, I don't understand why the level3 not writing the
same location symbol.
Currently, the activation of CAPSLOCK writes the symbol in the upper right
to the buttons on the front row and symbol in the upper left for other keys.
it makes me confused.

However, I am not trying to change the developers mind on this layout
because it's surely convenient for a lot of people, but not for me.

the best AZERTY layout for me would be :
 - level1 should always be the bottom left symbol with no special key
 - level2 should always be the upper left symbol with SHIFT pressed or
CAPSLOCK activated
 - level3 should always be the bottom right symbol with AltGr
 - level4 should always be the upper right symbol with Ctrl+SHIFT pressed or
Ctrl+CAPSLOCK activated or WinKey (for me, It doesn't matter, I never use

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