xclock's problem

Masaru Nomiya nomiya at galaxy.dti.ne.jp
Thu Feb 26 05:26:11 PST 2009


I'm using opnSuSE 11.0, whose xorg is;


I'm using xlock with the settings in .xinitrc;

xclock -digital -update 1 -fg gray100 -bg gray25 -fn "-*-*-bold-r-normal--16-*" -geometry 270x33+1642+0 -strftime "%Y年%m月%d日(%a)   %H時%M分%S秒" &

With this, xclock display the date;

  2009年02月26日(木)  22時22分22秒

This is same as;

 2009/02/09(Thu) 22:22:22

Yes, just fine!

But, I've got one problem.

After 23:59:59, xclock changes to 23:00:00 or 20:00:0, not 00:00:00.

What's the matter, I wonder?

If I move a mouse pointer on it, xclock's display changes 20:00:0:00
to 00:00:00.

How can I solve this problem?

Thanks in adavance.


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