[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-intel 2.6.2

Brice Goglin Brice.Goglin at gmail.com
Wed Feb 25 10:13:36 PST 2009

Eric Anholt wrote:
> On Wed, 2009-02-25 at 14:10 +0100, Jacek Luczak wrote:
>> this release is totally unusable while running in UXA. System eats lot of
>> memory, including swapping. Is this that, reported earlier, ,,memory leak''? As
>> a result X are really slow and lot of lockups occur (everything freeze for a few
>> seconds). At the end I can't even switch to text console, but system reacts on
>> power button and it goes down successfully. With EXA there's no such issue:
>> total system memory usage around 40%, no lockups.
>> If it's not know issue I will try to bisect it down.
>> -Jacek
>> ------------------
>> Details:
>> 	1. X.Org X Server (1.6.0 RC 3)
>> 	2. Linux Kernel 2.6.29-rc6
> Can you give me exact steps to reproduce this leak?

Same problem here with libdrm 2.4.5, intel 2.6.2, Xserver 1.6-rc2,
Mesa 7.3 on
Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated
Graphics Controller [8086:27a2] (rev 03)

Nothing specific needed to reproduce the problem, just use X :)
As soon as I start a big application such as firefox ou thunderbird,
my 1GB RAM is entirely used after a couple seconds and the system
becomes verrrry slow.

Only downgrade intel to 2.6.1 => 200MB used, no problem.


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