XVideo support in xf86-video-nv / G90

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at sun.com
Tue Feb 24 08:07:37 PST 2009

René Rebe wrote:
> Aaron Plattner wrote:
>> On Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 09:26:11AM -0800, Henry-Nicolas Tourneur wrote:
>>> I would like to know if there are any plans to add XVideo support for G90
>>> cards to the nvidia free 2D driver.
>> I'm afraid not.  XV on those GPUs requires the 3D engine, and setting that
>> up is too complicated to be within the scope of that driver.
> Which are just other words for "we do not want open source guys to know how
> to do that", hm?

I thought they were other words for "It's a lot of work we already paid people
to do in the encumbered driver, and don't see any profit in paying them to do
again in the open one."    Companies usually are more interested in their
bottom lines than in crushing the dreams of open source users.

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