win32 multiwindow mode remote desktop clipping

Gary Steele g.a.steele at
Sun Feb 22 09:49:00 PST 2009


I am using recent versions of both the Xming and Cygwin/X builds of
the xorg server on an XP computer.

I have noticed a peculiar bug when logging in remotely. The problem is
that if I log in remotely to my desktop, I often do so from a computer
with a wider screen. I then encounter the following bug: the contents
of my X application windows that extend beyond the edge of my original
screen size do not get updated.

If I close all of my applications and restart the X server, things work fine.

I am guessing that the multiwindow mode is picking a drawing area that
is based on the size of desktop when it is started, but does not
update this if the desktop size changes (for example, when logging in
using remote desktop).

Is there a way to tell the X server to update it's size without
closing all of the connected applications? Or perhaps detect the
change itself?


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