XTrap removal

milnser43200 at yahoo.com milnser43200 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 20 11:22:43 PST 2009

What is the rationale behind removing the xtrap extension. Doing some reading on this indicates that the Xtrap extension allows synthesis of X input events and capture of X events. It seems as though it would be important to be able to capture both incoming events from a client and to be able simulate input events to a client. The capture of events from a client could be important in allowing text to be captured for a screen reader device. The sending of an event to a client could be important for voice recognition and ocr software. Has anyone considered this? What existing clients might be broken by the removal of this extension?

It is also important to provide a security model for such interclient interactions. The user should be able to choose what clients can access which other clients communication streams. In some cases capture and synthesis is critical in the case of screen readers for the blind, OCR and voice recognition. In other cases, it could be harmful, allow for malicious password sniffing and execution of commands in xterm windows by bad clients.



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