Severe memory leaks make unuseable

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at
Thu Feb 19 15:48:28 PST 2009

milnser43200 at wrote:
> At the same time important backwards compatability upon which many of our applications depend, have been removed including PEX, Ximage, MIT-SUNDRY, XFree86-Misc, among others creating a massive incompatability headache. A prime principle of the project should be to retain backwards compatability so that older applications may still run. Stop destroying backwards compatability and get around to fixing the memory leaks for god sake. also seems to be intent on locking itself out of the embedded/cell market by removing support for low depth displays. I am throughly dismayed and disgusted with

If this backwards compatibility is causing you such a massive headache,
why has it taken you 7 years to complain to us that XFree86 removed
PEX & XIE support in their 4.2.0 release in 2002, several years before
the current X.Org organization was formed and our development tree
was forked from their 4.4rc2 release?

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