Intel Graphics question

Joseph Smith joe at
Thu Feb 19 15:43:21 PST 2009

I am a coreboot ( developer working mostly Intel
chipsets. Currently I am working an set-top-box with an Intel chipset. I am
looking into implementing LVDS and TV-OUT support for various Intel GMCH's
for set-top-boxes and possibly laptops starting right from the firmware. I
kind of understand how it works but not exactly sure in which order it
needs to happen. Could anyone please help me understand or confirm if this
is right:

1. All GMCH graphics settings are available through 512k graphics mmio
2. Current graphics settings are read from graphics mmio space
2. i2c communications is setup through GMCH graphics mmio space
3. LVDS and/or TV-OUT chip is programmed via i2c according to graphic
settings read from graphics mmio space
4. DVO port that the LVDS and/or TV-OUT chip is connected to is turned on

Did I miss anything else?
Thanks in advance to any help you can give me.

Joseph Smith

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