Severe memory leaks make unuseable

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On Thu, 2009-02-19 at 06:50 -0800, milnser43200 at wrote:

> > You forgot to volunteer to maintain them - not that I find
> > you believable. The idea that anyone uses PEX is rather
> > implausible.
> The number of apps which PEX, MIT_SUNDRY, and Ximage is probably a
> rather small number but certainly there have been apps written to use
> it. As for Xfree86-misc, I have heard that some modern screensavers
> use it to provide some feature that makes the screensaver work in a
> better manner and there has been concern over the disruption in
> useability this will cause. xscreensaver uses this extension. So yes
> removing it is a really bad idea.

Just to pick on the factual inaccuracy here: xscreensaver used xf86misc
to disable your ability to hit control-alt-kpmultiply and -kpdivide to
(respectively) kill or break the grab of the screensaver, since this
would effectively allow you to unlock the session without a password.

Since xf86misc has been removed, these key combos are no longer treated
specially by the server, so there's no reason for the screensaver to
need to turn them off.  xscreensaver _would_ complain if it was built
with xf86misc support but run against a server that didn't have it, but
that was always a bug, and has been fixed in newer releases.  (It would
still behave correctly, you'd just get spurious warning messages.)

- ajax
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