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> The number of apps which PEX, MIT_SUNDRY, and Ximage is probably a rather small number but certainly there have been apps written to use it. As for Xfree86-misc, I have heard that some modern screensavers use it to provide some feature that makes the screensaver work in a better manner and there has been concern over the disruption in useability this will cause. xscreensaver uses this extension. So yes removing it is a really bad idea.
> I dont think that backwards compatability code should be removed "just because we dont dont think anyone uses it anymore", or "because we can". As far as I am aware these extensions were not causing any problems and I cannot see the justification to remove them. One of the prime missions of the project should be to maintain backwards compatability with the X11 protocol and with extensions for applications which need them. We cannot make assumptions that there are not applications that uses these extensions which have been there for years.

Are you volunteering to maintain them?  The largest user base of X
doesn't appear to be having compatibility issues with their removal (now
Linux), and without data of what their removal may be affecting and/or a
volunteer to maintain them, it seems our effort should go elsewhere.

So please, concrete examples of what breaks, and help in maintenance,
are the solution here.
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