Drawing minimized windows

Tomas Frydrych tf at linux.intel.com
Tue Feb 17 09:17:57 PST 2009


> From:
> John Hamel <johnchamel at gmail.com>
> My apologies if this is the wrong place for requests, but a quick
> browsing of the site didn't show a forum or other more obvious venue.
> I'd like to request that minimized windows be drawn in X, and provide
> a couple reasons that I think the task should be given fairly high
> priority.

As Keith said, the WM does not need to unmap minimized windows (the
ICCCM certainly give it the option of keeping them mapped and hide them
in some other way; we do this in the metacity-clutter port).

However, the ICCCM also specifies that to request transition from
iconified to normal state the application should map the window. If the
WM keeps the iconified windows mapped, this does not work, as the
XMapWindow() becomes a nop. I would be interested to know how, for
example, Metisse deals with this issue.

Many thanks,


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