ANN: xterm patch #242

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Sun Feb 15 16:46:46 PST 2009

                             Patch #242 - 2009/2/15

     * fix  configure  check for XkbBell and provide appropriate parameter
       for it.
     * fix  a  caching problem with double-size fonts versus reverse video
       that could cause core dump.
     * repair double-size fonts from workaround used in [246]patch #240.
     * add  new  section  to  the  VT  Fonts menu which allows enabling or
       disabling   the   font,  termcap  (tcap-query),  title  and  window
     * add  fontWarnings  resource, to control whether to show warnings on
       failure to load a font.
     * improve warnings for unloadable fonts introduced in [247]patch #240
       by  limiting  those  to  the  cases where a font would be specified
       directly by a resource setting rather than a derived fontname.
     * further amend fix for Debian #252873 from [248]patch #197 to treat
       a  blank  cell  which  does not have both foreground and background
       colored  as  a non-colored cell. This improves a special case where
       the  cursor  is on a blank cell which had foreground color scrolled
       in (report by Miroslav Lichvar).
       Also  add the same logic when hiding cursor, so the outline matches
       the in-focus cursor.
     * modify  internals  to  reduce places PAIRED_CHARS() is used, making
       WriteText()  and  ScrnWriteText()  accept  IChar  array, as well as
       providing a wrapper for drawXtermText().
     * change default XIM font from "*" to "fixed" to improve startup time
       in zh_CN.UTF-8 locale (Mike Fabian, SuSE Bugzilla #464930).
     * typo in #240 log (Slava Semushin)

Thomas E. Dickey
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